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Which is the Drunkest State in the US?

Back in May 2016, 24/7 Wall Street published a ranking of America’s drunkest and driest cities. The running was based on self-reported drinking rates among adults in over 380 cities in the United States. The data was then compared with country-level data collected by the Robert Wood Johson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute. You’ll be surprised about the results. 

According to the data collected and compared, Wisconsin is the drunkest state in the United States with 12 cities ranking in the top 20 of the list with Appleton as number one.

Why Do People from Wisconsin Drink A Lot?

One thing is for sure when it comes to comparing numbers, Wisconsin sweeps the rest of the United States in terms of drinking percentages. But the question remains, does Wisconsin have a drinking problem? According to experts, the issue does not stem from cultural heritage. Excessive drinking was not something they have inherited from the Germans.

The theory is that Wisconsin’s drinking culture is linked to the claim that about 43% of the state’s population has German roots.

It’s been too many generations. Germany has passed from the living memory of Wisconsinites.

Julia Sherman, Coordinator for the Wisconsin Alcohol Policy Project

Sherman goes on to explain that ancestry does not directly affect the drinking culture in the state. She even went as far as disproving the German-heritage theory saying that the proportionality of German blood is much smaller. What she thinks is the cause for overdrinking in the state is linked to race.

The white population has a higher rate of drinkers than any of the other racial groups. Besides race, there are four main reasons for Wisconsin’s high rates of alcohol consumption; availability, affordability, attractiveness, and acceptability.

Julia Sherman, Coordinator for the Wisconsin Alcohol Policy Project

(Source: Wisconsin Public Radio)

What Does the Wisconsin Law on Underage Drinking Say?

According to state law, the legal age to drink in Wisconsin is twenty-one. However, there are exemptions to this law, such as minors under the age of twenty one may be allowed to drink on licensed premises as long as they are accompanied by their parents, guardians, or even spouses who happen to be at legal age.

In some cases, teen nights or alcohol-free nights may allow minors to consume alcohol when written authorization is obtained by the organizer from the local police agency.

Another instance is when a minor over the age of fourteen but less than twenty-one is employed by a brewer, beer and or liquor wholesaler, a producer of alcohol fuel, or a brewpub licensed entity may also consume alcoholic beverages without the supervision of an adult. These are a few of the provisions written in the law by the state of Wisconsin. (Source: Fox News)

What Do Wisconsin Citizens Think About Underage Drinking?

Although teenagers may find it cool to be able to go to a bar with an adult and be able to drink alcohol, it has not always been in favor of everyone.

There are also dangers that may come alongside the said law. Licensed premises are given the sole right not to serve alcohol to persons below the age twenty one when they are not sure if the relationship of the person accompanying the child is a relative, parent, or guardian. Another worry that may arise for bar or restaurant owners is driving while intoxicated. Surely, authorities would not want these minors to drink and drive. (Source: Fox News)

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