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How Were The Beatles Part of Marvel Comics?

In the Marvel Universe, The Beatles are a group of rogue Skrulls who came to Earth to invade it but decided that money and power were more important. Yes, the characters were based on the popular rock band of the 1960s

The Skrulls are a fictitious alien shapeshifting race featured in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby invented the Skrulls, They first appeared in Fantastic Four #2.

Who is John the Skrull?

John the Skrull fictional superhero featured in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. In November 2006, he made his first appearance in Wisdom #1 which was designed by Paul Cornell and Trevor Hairsine.

John was a member of the Skrull Beatles, a group of Skrulls who mimicked the original Beatles’ appearances. He takes the persona of John Lennon. The fake Beatles were supposed to stand in for the real Beatles and begin an early version of the Beatles’ Secret Invasion. On the other hand, he believed that the Skrull Beatles could do more than an alien invasion, and persuaded their superiors to give them the liberty to reign. The Skrull Beatles, like the genuine Beatles, soon found their interests leading in different directions, resulting in the band’s disbandment. 

After the band split, John later joined the British secret service agency MI-13 as a member of Pete Wisdom’s superhuman team, where he assisted to prevent a Martian invasion of Britain from an alternate universe.

At the time of the Secret Invasion, The Skrull Empire organizes a new invasion of Earth, driven by religious prophecy, John, who is now considered a traitor by the Skrull high command, finds himself as a target. 

A Skrull operative impersonating Mr. Grimsdale, the chair of the Joint Intelligence Committee, tries to assassinate all of the Skrull Beatles. John is the only one who survived. 

Wisdom unmasks and kills the Skrull Grimsdale. John joins Wisdom, Captain Britain, and Spitfire, who have all been enlisted by MI-13 to defend the Siege Perilous against the Skrulls.

The Invading Skrulls capture John and the others in Avalon, an interdimensional region crucial to British magic. This happens after a series of battles against numerous Skrull forces. While he is fiercely criticizing the captors, John is executed by a Skrull as an example (Source: CBR)

What Were The Skrull’s Powers?

Amusingly, the Skrulls were shape-shifters. They can mentally make their body’s unstable molecules become pliant, allowing them to take on several forms through muscle expansion and contraction. 

Once a new shape has been taken, changing it or returning to normal requires a conscious effort of willpower. As a result, Skrulls do not lose their adopted form when they are asleep or incapacitated. 

Skrulls in altered forms, on the other hand, will revert to their original forms when they die. John, in particular, enjoys his John Lennon persona and will adopt any style that the real Lennon wore during his lifetime. Nobody in the Marvel Universe has ever seen his original Skrull form. (Source: Marvel Fandom)

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