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Movie theatre popcorn is sold at a 1275% markup

10 Outrageous Markups You’d Never Guess You Were Paying

Saving Money

Sticker shocker: You might not think much about how products are priced, but we did the math to calculate how much you’re spending.

1. Text messages: 6,000% markup

Phone users commonly pay 10 cents per text message, but sending the message only costs the carrier a sixth of a cent. If the phone company applied text-message mark-up to a short phone call, you’d pay $120 for the call.

2. Movie theater popcorn: 1,275% markup

Theaters know that viewers will pay more for movie snacks, so they hike the prices up: A bag of popcorn that costs 37 cents to make can easily sell for $5. One man in Michigan found the price so outrageous that he’s suing his local theater.

3. Brand-name drugs: 200 to 3,000% markup

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