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What is Mike Tyson’s Training Routine?

Mike Tyson was the dominant force in heavyweight boxing for over a decade, and no one could beat him. He possessed incredible strength, but he also possessed excellent boxing skills. Tyson had to go through a lot of grueling training to get to where he was. But did you know about his strict training routine?

Mike Tyson’s Training Routine starts with waking up at four in the morning, jogging for five miles then doing 2,000 sit-ups, 500 push-ups, 500 dips, 500 shrugs, and about 30 minutes of neck bridges on a daily basis. 

Mike Tyson’s Career

He was a far better boxer than people assume. Most of his early matches ended in knockouts in the first round. Nonetheless, his preparation aided him when he faced increasingly difficult opponents.

Cus D’Amato, Tyson’s initial trainer, believed sparring was the key to success. According to Reemus Boxing, every single day, Iron Mike sparred to improve his boxing skills. He was able to become more than just a terrifying one-punch knockout artist as a result of this technique. It also enabled him to be a superb fighter, able to bob and weave and outwit his opponents whenever possible.

Regardless of how much Tyson trained, he couldn’t keep himself from doing things that would get him into trouble. He was apprehended and sentenced to prison, which cost him a few years of his career. By the time he returned, his age had caught up with him, and he opted to quit soon after, as no workout can reverse the effects of aging. (Source: Over Fight)

Is Mike Tyson Considering A Return To The Boxing Ring?

In 2005, the former heavyweight champion announced his retirement, and since then, he’s been busy doing his own thing, which includes hosting his very own podcast. Like many other athletes and previous champions, Mike Tyson retains his competitive desire.

According to Penn Live, even at his age of 55, Tyson had been contemplating a comeback fight against the obnoxious Logan Paul. He’s been posting videos of his training on social media, and it appears that he still knows what he’s doing. The thing is, it is difficult for older people to train, let alone fight, and few fighters have achieved success by their 40s. 

So, while Iron Mike could return for a charity boxing battle, it’s unlikely that he’ll compete for a title again professionally. (Source: Over Fight)

Did Mike Tyson Turn Down A $25 Million Offer For a Once-in-a-Lifetime Shot at Vengeance?

In 1996, Evander Holyfield stunned the boxing world by knocking out Tyson by the 11th round. After Tyson notoriously bit a chunk of his ear off in the ring, Holyfield won by disqualification a year later.

Tyson was reportedly offered $25 million for a rematch and the chance to get back with his long-time rival Holyfield, but Iron Mike declined the offer.

We thought this was a done deal but it quickly fell apart when Tyson’s people declined all offers. We were negotiating in good faith all along and it appears we just ended up wasting our time.

Kris Lawrence, Holyfield’s Manager

If this is accurate, Tyson’s decision to decline the offer is perplexing. A shot at long-awaited vengeance plus a $25 million bonus? It appears to be a no-brainer decision. (Source: Sports Casting)

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