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Why Did a British Man Change His Name After Having an Issue With His Bank?

One of the most common reasons for changing your name is that your current name invites ridicule or dishonor or is simply difficult to pronounce or spell. Since childhood, you have used and been known by the name you wish to adopt. Changing your name will help to avoid confusion in legal documents and other situations. But did you know that a British man changed his name after having an issue with his bank? 

In 1999, a British man, enraged at being charged £20 for going £10 overdrawn, legally changed his name to “Yorkshire Bank plc was Fascist Bastards” to receive a returned cheque in that name to settle the account.

The 20 Pound-Sterling Name Change

Given names, also known as first names or forenames, are an important part of a person’s identity. Forenames serve as the foundation of our identity, instilling a sense of self and distinguishing us from others in our family and social circles.

Any expectant parent who has spent hours poring over a baby name book will tell you that naming a child is a serious matter. This is because names can define a person. Names can represent the spirit of an era or a creative moment. They can represent hopes for the future or a dedication to the past.

A name can either establish a precedent or proudly declare itself an outlier. From classic names that have been around for hundreds of years to brand new names, one thing is certain: a name can be anything and mean anything.

However, back in 1999, a guy changed his name because of his anger toward a bank. After being charged £20 by the firm, marketing consultant Michael Howerd changed his name by deed poll to Yorkshire Bank Are Fascist Bastards.

Howerd, now known as Yorkshire, became enraged after his local Yorkshire Bank branch charged him £20 for being £10 overdrawn.

Yorkshire then paid a further £30 to change his name by deed poll after a disagreement with his bank manager. He wants the name change to be interpreted as a protest against how the bank has treated him.

According to Yorkshire Bank, the marketing consultant from Leeds has been asked to close his account.

The relationship with Howerd has irretrievably broken down and we very much regret that

Spokesperson, Yorkshire Bank

While it is believed that the bank regards the protest as rather silly, it has also been reported that Howerd has been known to change his name in the past. Steven Wood, Yorkshire’s solicitor, declined to comment on the case. According to his company, Yorkshire Bank plc Are Fascist Bastards is now legally registered. (Source: Marketing Week

How Much Does it Cost to Change Your Last Name in the UK?

You must apply to the Royal Courts of Justice to obtain an ‘enrolled’ deed poll through the deed poll process. It is priced at £42.44. You must be 18 or older to enroll in your own name change.

Overall, Michael Howerd’s rage caused him more than the penalty the bank charged him because of his pettiness. (Source: Marketing Week

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