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Why Did Ninjas Carry Crickets or Cicadas?

In feudal Japan, a ninja, also known as a shinobi, was a covert agent or mercenary. A ninja’s duties included reconnaissance, espionage, infiltration, deception, ambush, bodyguarding, and martial arts fighting skills, including ninjutsu. Why do they need to carry crickets or cicadas if they have these abilities? 

Ninjas carried a small box of crickets or cicadas to mask the sound of their footsteps. They also had a special mixture of chemicals that would induce the chirping of these insects as they needed.

Are Ninjas Real? 

Imposing figures in black, hiding in the shadows, and moving about with almost superhuman agility may now seem like incredible stories told to tourists and moviegoers. As this may seem as if it were just a work of fiction, ninjas were once a genuine part of feudal Japan. 

According to Japanese folklore, the Ninja descended from a half man and half crow demon. However, logic would suggest that the ninja emerged gradually as a counter-force to their upper-class contemporaries, the Samurai, in the early days. (Source: Japan Daily)

Are There Female Ninjas?

Everyone knows that the Ninjas were master assassins. If you would imagine a Ninja right now. your first thought would probably be a muscular man dressed in black. But your assumption would only be half correct. Although Ninjas are mainly male, what most people didn’t know, is that there were quite a few female Ninjas as well.

Having particular feminine charms and persuasion abilities and appearing less imposing lends itself well to stealthy infiltration and assassination missions. During feudal Japan female assassins frequently obtained important information or stealthily eliminate their targets.

As a Ninja, you had to be able to turn anything and everything into a weapon. Thus it is no surprise that female Ninjas possessed unique metal fingernails called Neko-te or Cat’s Hand or Claw, which they utilized as lethal weapons against their opponents. (Source: Japan Daily)

Why Do Ninjas Always Carry an Egg?

Ninjas often used the eggshells to transport blinding or irritating powder. They would often use this on their targets. They would drill a small hole in the eggshell, drained its contents, and carefully filled the egg with various powder-based chemicals that are utilized as weapons to distract or immobilize their targets. (Source: Japan Daily)

Who was Better? The Ninja or the Samurai?

Although this is a  highly debatable topic, ninjas usually worked for whoever paid the most for their covert skills. The ninjas were more opportunistic in their loyalties than the Samurai, who were normally loyal to only one ruler. 

Ninjas welcomed any mission from anyone who paid their fee. They would do anything for the right price, their services range from collecting simple information to assassination. Most of their missions are politically motivated. (Source: Japan Daily)

What is in the Tiny Box Ninjas Carry Around?

The tiny box ninjas often have with them contain cicadas or crickets. If you’ve ever endured a Japanese summer, you’re familiar with the ear-splitting noises they can produce. 

Ninjas, being astute assassins, made use of that sound to conceal their footsteps and other sounds they might make while performing their Ninja duties. It should go without saying that this only worked during the summer. (Source: Japan Daily)

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