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What is the Recommended Speed on the Autobahn?

The Autobahn is Germany’s federal controlled-access highway system. Bundesautobahn, which translates as the federal motorway. It is the official German term. Federal Automobile Track is the literal translation of the term Bundesautobahn. But do you know what is the recommended speed on the Autobahn? 

While you can travel at any speed on the Autobahn when signs indicate it, the recommended speed is 130 km/h. If you are in an accident while driving at 170 km/h and it could have been avoided at a lower speed, you will automatically be blamed for the accident.

Did Adolf Hitler Come Up with the Idea of the Speed Limit on Autobahn? 

The speed limit on the Autobahn was not Hitler’s concept. The Fuhrer is widely credited with constructing the country’s first limited-access highways, which were built to expedite the movement of military units across the country. 

The network was built during the Third Reich, but the concept existed before that. The Avus experimental highway in Berlin was built between 1913 and 1921, while Hitler was still experimenting as a failed still-life painter. The Italians also set the pace in 1923, when they opened a section of autostrada between Milan and the lake district. (Source: Bussgeld Katalog)

Is it Legal To Overtake from The Right Lane? 

While you can cruise at your own pace on the Autobahn, you can only overtake cars from the left. Overtaking on the right is illegal and may result in a fine. It’s fine to honk at cars in the far left lane if they’re driving slowly. Tailgating, on the other hand, is allowed, but it’s best to keep a safe distance. (Source: Bussgeld Katalog)

What was the Biggest Accident that Happened on Autobahn?

Tailgating does not give cars enough space to stop and can be extremely dangerous in an emergency. The largest accident on the Autobahn involved 259 cars. With about 73 collisions in that particular incident.

To clear the mess and help everyone involved, 50 ambulances, 400 firefighters, and three helicopters were needed. Even though over 80 people were injured, it was very fortunate that no one died in that accident. (Source: Bussgeld Katalog)

Is it Illegal to Run Out of Gas on the Autobahn? 

German traffic law requires that you keep fuel in your car at all times. Running out of fuel may result in legal issues. To ensure that there is never a shortage, gas stations are evenly spaced alongside the autobahn, ensuring that you can always find one when you need it. (Source: Bussgeld Katalog)

What is The Longest Section on Autobahn? 

The longest stretch of road without a speed limit between Hamburg and Berlin is 150 kilometers long. A slightly more than 230 kilometers distance can be covered in 2 hours. If you have a faster car, you may be able to take even less time. (Source: Bussgeld Katalog)

Are there Emergency Phones at Autobahn? 

German Autobahns are the safest in the world, with 2.2 fatalities per billion kilometers traveled. Despite being unusually safe and having an impeccable track record, emergency phones are installed every 2 kilometers on the Autobahn. 

Not only that, but you can communicate with the attendant in English and request assistance in an emergency. (Source: Bussgeld Katalog)

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