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Sgt. Reckless

Who is Sergeant Reckless?

Horses were often used by soldiers in various countries since the dawn of time. Today, many nations still maintain a small number of them along with mounted riders. However, they are only used for ceremonial purposes. But have you heard of Sergeant Reckless?

Sergeant Reckless is a horse who served with the marines. She was able to transport ammunition without the assistance of a handler, would seek a bunker or lay down when under fire, and was awarded two purple hearts for her service in the Korean War.

The War-Herd Horse

Sergeant Reckless was bred as a racehorse, but she was also part of Jeju, a local breed known for its toughness. That toughness came in handy when she was trained as a pack animal to carry ammunition for the Anti-Tank Company of the 5th Marines in 1952.

Reckless was all alone when she joined the Marines, Sgt. Reckless. America’s War Horse. Because horses are ‘herd’ animals, the Marines became her herd. She bonded so deeply with them that Reckless would go anywhere and do anything to help her adopted family.

Robin Hutton, US Marines Corps

(Source: CNN)

Seargent Reckless in the Battle During the Korean

During the final stages of the Korean War in March 1953, Reckless played an essential role in the Battle of Outpost Vegas between the United States and Chinese armed forces.

Reckless made 51 trips to resupply the guns with ammunition on one day alone during this five-day bloody battle, which is estimated to have cost the lives of 1,000 American and 2,000 Chinese soldiers.

Overall, the small mare walked more than 35 miles through rice paddies and steep mountain trails, carrying 386 rounds of ammunition weighing nearly 4,000 kilograms. Reckless would carry the wounded soldiers back down to safety after unloading the ammunition despite being injured twice. (Source: CNN)

Seargent Reckletss, The Lifeline Horse

The Marines would sometimes use their own flak jackets to shield their comrades from incoming fire.

She was a critical lifeline to the guns that were firing in support of us, Reckless was a very special horse and undoubtedly bonded through a spiritual connection of love with her Marines, The noise and waves of concussion can’t be described, but she endured it all,” said Wadley. “I believe an angel had to be riding Reckless, since she was alone and without a marine to lead her.

Harold Wadley, US Marines Corps

How was Seargent Reckless Appetite?

Reckless, who would sleep in the soldiers’ tents at night, endeared herself to her fellow Marines differently.

Reckless had a voracious appetite, She would eat anything and everything but especially scrambled eggs and pancakes in the morning with her morning cup of coffee. She also loved cake, Hershey bars, candy from the C rations, and Coca Cola even poker chips, blankets and hats when she was being ignored — or if she was trying to just prove a point

Robin Hutton, US Marines Corps

(Source: CNN

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