If microwaves had clear glass windows you would be exposed to the harmful microwaves they emit. The metal mesh screen over the windows have large enough holes for our eyes to see inside, but small enough to block the harmful microwaves that would otherwise be emitted.

Why Microwave Ovens Can Have See Through Windows

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Have you ever wondered why a microwave oven can have a see-through window? “Microwaves” are radiation after all. We all know about tempered glass as commonly used in convention ovens, but microwave ovens also have a perforated metal mesh screen on the inside of the glass. How does this help?

How is this perforated screen on microwave ovens effective against microwave radiation?

Beginning with the basics; microwaves are in fact, radiation. High frequency radio waves to be exact, but radiation all the same. But so is any form of heat, light, sound, etc. They too are ra… Continue Reading

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