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Disney Nuclear Powerplant

Disney World is Legally Allowed to Build a Nuclear Plant in Their Florida Location. This is According to a Law Issued in the 1960’s.

The Walt Disney Company is an American multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate based in the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California. Over the years, the company expanded its amusement park throughout the United States and to some locations. But did you know that there is a law that allows Disney to build a nuclear plant in their Florida location?

A law passed in the 1960s permits Disney World to construct a nuclear power plant in Florida. There is a reason Walt Disney wanted the authority to build a nuclear power plant if it would benefit the park.

The Nuclear Theme Park

When Disneyland first opened in California, it was a huge success, so the company decided to expand to the East Coast. However, the man did not like the idea of businesses sprouting around Disneyland and desired greater control over the new project.

Disney believed that political power was essential and used his clout to ensure that he wielded considerable power. As a result, he scouted the areas and used various shell companies to buy land at low prices from unsuspecting landowners.

Disney imagined a futuristic city with residential and commercial districts. He then petitioned the Florida state legislature, resulting in the formation of the Reedy Creek Improvement District. The state granted Disney the authority to form its private government, construct roads, issue bonds, levy taxes, and provide emergency services.

It also enabled the company to build items for the future, such as an airport and a power plant. The law allowed Disney to build a nuclear power plant, which was understandable given the lack of focus on green technologies at the time.

The 1967 law was passed to protect Disney from government regulation while building EPCOT. Disney World has the authority to establish its own police force or government but has yet to do so. (Source: Cheat Sheet

Will a Nuclear Powered Disney World Ever Happen? 

Disney’s chances of ever building a nuclear reactor are slim to none. If the company built a reactor, it would tarnish its otherwise flawless image. According to experts, despite having all the power and the law on his side, Disney chose not to build a nuclear power plant because he was just kind of giving himself options.

Furthermore, the cost of constructing a fully functional nuclear plant is enormous. Legislators estimated that the plant would cost billions of dollars to build and that it could take up to 30 or 40 years, give or take, to break even. The cost of going through the regulatory processes would be prohibitively expensive for the company.

Legislators want to take away Disney’s right to build a reactor. Some lawmakers believe locating a nuclear power plant near a theme park popular with families is unwise. Although Senator Victor Torres stated that he does not see Disney doing anything like that, he still wishes to ensure they do not have the opportunity. (Source: Cheat Sheet

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