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Princess Diana Funeral

Roughly 2.5 Billion People Watched Princess Diana’s Funeral in 1997. At Its Height, the Queue to Reach the Book of Condolences Took About 6.5 Hours.

Princess Diana captivated people worldwide. News about her life tragically ending in a car accident in Paris on August 31, 1997, shocked the whole world. Her death dominated the headlines at the time. But did you know how many people watched Princess Diana’s Funeral? 

In 1997, approximately 2.5 billion people watched Princess Diana’s funeral. The line to reach the book of condolences took 6.5 hours at its peak. In 50 years, the queen made her first live broadcast.

The World’s Beloved Princess

Diana, Princess of Wales, formerly Lady Diana Frances Spencer, was born on July 1, 1961, at Park House in Norfolk. She was the eldest daughter of Viscount and Viscountess Althorp, now the late 8th Earl Spencer and the late Hon. Mrs. Shand-Kydd, 4th Baron Fermoy’s daughter. She has styled The Honorable Diana Spencer until her father inherited the Earldom.

Lady Diana’s marriage to The Prince of Wales was officially announced on February 24, 1981. Their families had known each other for many years as neighbors at Sandringham until 1975, and Lady Diana and The Prince had met again when he was invited to a weekend at Althorp in November 1977.

During her marriage, the Princess served as president or patron of over 100 charitable organizations. The Princess did a lot to promote work for homeless people, disabled people, children, and people with HIV/AIDS.

They were parents to two sons. Prince William Arthur Philip Louis was born on June 21, 1982, at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, London, and Prince Harry Charles Albert David on September 15, 1984. The Princess had seventeen godchildren. (Source: The Royal UK

The Royal Divorce

The Prince and Princess of Wales announced their separation in December 1992. The Princess maintained her household and office at Kensington Palace, while The Prince maintained his residence at Highgrove.

In November 1995, the Princess gave a television interview in which she discussed her personal unhappiness and the pressures of her public role. On August 28, 1996, the Prince and Princess divorced.

The Princess resigned from most of her charitable and other patronages and military service appointments after her divorce. The Princess remained a patron of Centrepoint, a homeless charity, the English National Ballet, the Leprosy Mission, the National Aids Trust, the President of the Great Ormond Street Hospital, and the Royal Marsden Hospital. (Source: The Royal UK

The Tragic Car Accident

Diana, Princess of Wales, died tragically on August 31, 1997, in a car accident in Paris, France. The Princess’s vehicle was involved in a high-speed accident in the Place de l’Alma underpass in central Paris shortly before midnight on Saturday, August 30.

The Princess was taken to the La Pitie Salpetriere Hospital and died after two hours of emergency surgery at 0300 BST. Mister. Dodi Fayed, the Princess’s companion and the driver of the vehicle, was killed in the accident, and a bodyguard was seriously injured.

The Princess’s body was returned to the UK by a Royal Squadron BAe 146 aircraft on August 31. The Prince of Wales and the Princess’s elder sisters, Lady Sarah McCorquodale and Lady Jane Fellowes, accompanied the Princess’s coffin on its return journey. (Source: The Royal UK)

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