Meet an unnamed Viking warrior who was tasked with guarding a narrow (4 person wide) bridge against the Saxons in 1066. He survived constant attack for 1 hour until a clever Saxon floated down the river in a barrel and piked him in the groin from under the bridge.

Viking at Stamford Bridge

“But there was one of the Norwegians who withstood the English folk, so that they could not pass over the bridge, nor complete the victory.”

25 September 1066. The Saxons really had the Vikings by the balls now.

It had all started earlier that year, when King Edward the Confessor kicked the bucket without first having the good sense to nail some babe and leave England with a living heir. Anglo-Saxon bigwig Harold Godwinson was already in the neighborhood of the throne room so he went ahead and grabbed the crown for himself, but this kind of pissed off the Norwegian King, a massive badass Viking known as Harald Hardrada. There was also a third dude who staked a claim on the recently-vacated throne, some French bastard named William, … Continue Reading