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An 8-Year-Old Boy Learned How to Drive on YouTube and Drove to McDonald’s to Satisfy a Cheeseburger Craving.

The legal age to drive a car in the United States is 16. It has always been a major life event for someone turning 16 to get their driver’s license, but in the past 35 years, the interest in learning to drive amongst teenagers has significantly dropped. But did you know an 8-year-old boy from Ohio taught himself how to drive, all while following traffic rules to satisfy his cheeseburger cravings?

In 2017, an 8-year-old learned to drive on YouTube and successfully drove to McDonald’s while adhering to traffic laws.

The Young Youtube-Trained Driver

Tenacity and an internet connection were all it took for an 8-year-old Ohio boy to learn how to drive, thanks to YouTube, then take himself and his sister a mile and a half down the road to the local McDonald’s for some post-dinner cheeseburgers.

According to witnesses, the boy brought his 4-year-old sister along for the ride on Sunday night and reportedly obeyed traffic laws. According to the Weirton Daily Times, when he arrived at the McDonald’s drive-thru, he ordered a cheeseburger and attempted to pay with money from his piggy bank.

The workers thought that the parents were in the back, but obviously they weren’t. 

Jacob Koehler, Daily Times

A family member inside the restaurant noticed the children and called their grandparents, who came to pick them up.

The parents of the children were said to be sleeping at home after spending the day outside as a family. According to Koehler, the boy began crying when he realized he shouldn’t have driven the car, but he claimed he just wanted a cheeseburger. Koehler went on to say that the kids had three meals that day.

Both children could eat at McDonald’s while waiting for their parents at the police station. There were no charges filed.

I think there is a good teaching point here. With the way technology is any more kids will learn how to do anything and everything. This kid learned how to drive on YouTube. He probably looked it up for five minutes and then said it was time to go.

Jacob Koehler, Daily Times

(Source: Auto Week

Satisfying the Cheeseburger Craving

According to Fox 8 in Cleveland, the boy drove a mile to the restaurant, passing through four intersections and crossing railroad tracks. According to witnesses, the boy followed all traffic laws and drove at the speed limit. (However, it’s unclear how we got to the pedals.

Koehler said this was not a case of neglect because the children had eaten breakfast, lunch, and dinner that day. After a day of playing outside, the children’s parents had fallen asleep at home. Employees working the drive-thru mistook the parents for pranksters hiding in the back of the van.

Yes, the kid was capable of navigating a drive-thru. Have you seen those yellow pylons that keep errant cars from running into buildings or outdoor menus? They’re bright yellow. Also, blue. Also, red. Also, white. Also, black. Although it was a little early for a midnight snack, when you’re hungry, you’re hungry. We can’t blame the kid for that. Next time, he should wake up his parents. (Source: Auto Week

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