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Yo yo in Syria

Yo-yos were Banned in Syria in 1933. Locals Blamed the Toy for the Severe Drought They were Experiencing.

The first yo-yo company was opened in Santa Barbara, California, by a Filipino immigrant in  1928. But they have been documented to be around since 440 BC. But did you know that Syrians had a superstitious belief that yo-yos caused a drought? 

Yo-yos were banned in Syria in 1933 because many locals believed they were responsible for severe drought. Because of the low rainfall, the drought was severe. According to scientists, the lack of rainfall in the country was caused by climatic conditions.

The Drought in Syria

Syria’s people, animals, and villages’ conditions have deteriorated. At the time, cattle were infected with diseases, and crop growth was non-existent. Millions of Syrian villagers suffered due to a lack of water and rainfall. The properties of land and crops were harmed as the lands dried up. As a result, there will be no food, and the situation will deteriorate into drought.

The odd thing about the drought was that there was no heat, but the effect of cold was a part of the damage. In Syria, a lack of rainfall and extreme cold made it impossible for people to survive. The agricultural industry was destroyed.

It was a time when many people moved from one location to another. Massive migration created socioeconomic tensions. Syria’s situation had deteriorated at that point due to a lack of water. (Source: Young is Than)

Why Did the Locals Blame the Yo-yo?

People only found one way to trace a miracle when the country was in deep trouble. They began praying to God using various rituals. The only option was to pray and wait for the rain to fall. The lack of rain in the country indicates punishment for the people. As a result, while they were praying, a strange prediction led to the prohibition of Yoyos.

Yo-yo is a popular game that children enjoy playing on the streets, roads, and in their homes. Yoyos were extremely popular at the time. However, Yo use and play were prohibited due to the drought. When a person was praying to the Lord, the playing object fell into his hands. They believed that people who used Yoyo irritated their God. And the drought is the result of their dissatisfaction and rage.

The Prime Minister of Syria immediately prohibited the use of Yoyo. Anyone caught playing was ordered to be punished. The best part about prohibiting Yoyo during Syria’s 1933 drought was that rain fell the next day. Even though there is no valid reasoning or connection between the rain and the ban on yoyo games, the people’s trust, and belief cannot be questioned. The rain began immediately the day after the playing object was stopped in the country.

After 1933, no children were permitted to play with Yoyo. Even after years, the country still faces problems with rainfall and water scarcity. The cause is thought to be changed in weather conditions. (Source: Young is Than

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