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Jobs and Torvalds

Steve Jobs Offered Linus Torvalds, the Creator of Linux, a Job at Apple Under the Condition He Stopped Developing for Linux. Torvalds Declined the Job Offer.

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Incorporated, offered a job to Linus Torvalds, the man behind projects like Linux and Git. Torvalds never met Microsoft founder Bill Gates, but he met Jobs in 2000 while working for Transmeta Corporation, an American fabless semiconductor company. But did you know Torvalds declined Jobs’ offer? 

Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux, was offered a job at Apple. Steve Jobs gave him this offer under the condition that he would stop developing for Linux. He turned down the job.

What If Linus Torvalds Accepted the Offer?

If Linus Torvalds had accepted Steve Jobs’ proposal that day, the world would not be the same today. We will not have Linux, Kindle, Android, or more than half of the Internet. Today, more than 90% of servers. The world would have looked very different than it does today.

It would have been fantastic to see two great minds, Torvalds and Jobs, collaborate. The world would have benefited in some other way if Linux had not been lost. (Source: Tecmint: Linux Howtos, Tutorials & Guides)

The One and Only Linus

Torvalds is known for being arrogant and making controversial statements on occasion. However, his contribution to the world is unparalleled. He freely distributed Linux and Git. Numerous accusations have been made against Torvalds that he never gave a portion of his earnings to make the world a better place, but the fact remains that he has delivered what others cannot even imagine. 

He gave his masterpiece development for Free. He could have made millions and millions of dollars. He gave everything he had to the entire world without exception.

The chief architect of the Linux Kernel is a pleasant and exciting individual who discusses every world genre. He blogs about his children, Halloween, hometown, and other topics. You can keep up with him on his blogs and Google Plus. (Source: Tecmint: Linux Howtos, Tutorials & Guides

The Developmental Process of Linux

According to Torvalds, the Linux kernel development process has remained relatively unchanged for at least the last 15 years.

Torvalds created the open-source Git version control system in 2005 to aid in faster and more optimized development. Git is now one of the primary technologies underlying all open-source development, powering, among other things, the GitHub code service.

We’ve had the same process and the same release schedules and in that sense kernel development has been very calm and not exciting from a process standpoint, and that’s actually exactly what I think you want. You want to have a stable process so that people don’t get upset about how all the infrastructure is changing.

Linus Torvalds, Creator of Linux

Even though the development process is tedious and predictable, Torvalds stated that after more than 30 years of working on Linux, he is still surprised and pleased that many new things are coming into the kernel with no shortage of innovation.

One of the things that I, personally, enjoy the most is that we’re not a dead project, Technical people want to do something new and fun, and I think the rest makes a lot of technical sense.

Linus Torvalds, Creator of Linux

(Source: Venture Beat)

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