The American College of Pediatricians is a group that links pedophilia to homosexuality and promotes “conversion” therapy. The name is intended to create confusion with the American Academy of Pediatrics, the professional association of pediatricians.

American College of Pediatricians

This article is about a socially conservative advocacy group. For the major professional association of pediatricians, see American Academy of Pediatrics.

The American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds) is a socially conservative advocacy group of pediatricians and other healthcare professionals in the United States. The group was founded in 2002 and claims to have over 500 members, although independent sources report that group has between 60 and 200 members and only one employee.. The group’s primary focus is advocating against the right of gay or lesbian people to adopt children, and it also advocates conversion therapy.

The organization’s view on parenting differs from the position of the American Academy of Pediatrics, which hol… Continue Reading