Giant Tarantulas will keep frogs as pets, keeping them safe from potential predators. In return these frogs will eat tiny insects that could otherwise harm Tarantula eggs before they hatch.

Giant Tarantulas and Tiny Frogs Are Friends with Benefits

Some tarantulas and frogs seem to have an interesting relationship – the unlikely pair sometimes co-exist in shared living arrangements.

Measuring hardly more than half an inch in length, microhylids might seem like a pretty insignificant family of frogs. But they’ve crossed onto scientific radars in a big way. Many of these tiny, narrow-mouthed frogs have been observed in Sri Lanka, Peru, and India living in close proximity to tarantulas.

Although the spiders are completely capable of killing and eating frogs of this small size, they instead seem to tolerate their existence. Why? For one, the frogs likely possess skin toxins that make them taste terrible to the tarantulas, but there’s probably more at play here.

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