The scene in Fight Club where Tyler is explaining the cost of a recall when “A car built by my company crashes and burns with everyone trapped inside” is based on ACTUAL leaked memos from GM and Ford.

GM Recall: Defective Ignition Switch Saved Company $1

There’s just something about a dollar. A buck. Greenback. Ace. Single. One-Spot.

It’s both a symbol of frugality and a symbol of power.

On the one hand, you’ve got the Dollar Menu, Family Dollar, Dollar General, Everything’s A Dollar. And on the other hand, you have just a single dollar costing families the lives of loved ones. You have a dollar widowing spouses and orphaning children.

General Motors Co in 2005 decided not to change an ignition switch eventually linked to the deaths of at least 13 people because it would have added about a dollar to the cost of each car, according to an internal GM document provided to U.S. congressional investigators.

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