A Spanish double agent, Juan Pujol Garcia got medals for spying from both Nazi Germany and the British Empire. He ran a fake spy network in London for Germany and recruited 27 fictitious agents all on German dime to provided them with fake intelligence during WW2.

The WWII Spy Who Faked His Death for 36 Years

After World War II, a critical MI5 spy named Juan Pujol Garcia faked his own death, and kept it secret for almost four decades. And that’s not even the most interesting thing about him.

Pujol was a veteran of the Spanish Civil War who had come to loathe totalitarianism, both in Francisco Franco and Adolf Hitler. When Britain went to war with Germany in 1939, he was determined to join the British war effort as a spy against Germany; so determined that he wasn’t deterred when British officers turned him down because he didn’t have any connections or credentials. Instead, he formulated a plan to pad his resume while aiding the war effort.

Posing as a Spanish official who was flying to London, Pujol made contact with Nazi officials in M… Continue Reading

Source: https://www.history.com/news/spy-double-agent-death-hoax-world-war-2