Meet Team Negative One. A group of Star Wars fans that scanned their own 35mm negatives and digitally restored the movie to it’s pre-Special Edition glory.

Team Negative One: the Star Wars George Lucas doesn’t want you to see

Earlier this year, one of the most ambitious film restoration projects ever attempted was finally unveiled to the public. After acquiring a well-preserved 35mm print of Star Wars in 2008, a fan known only as Mr Black recruited a number of collaborators and began the painstaking process of digitally restoring the film, frame by frame. After years of work, their unauthorised transfer is at last complete, and in January it went online, giving enthusiasts an opportunity to see the film as it looked and sounded when Luke Skywalker and friends first took the world by storm in 1977.

In other words, it undid all of the bad work done by George Lucas in the intervening four decades, during which he’s championed his ever-evolving Special Edition o… Continue Reading