In 2007, Navy SEAL Mike Day was shot 27 times by four Al Qaeda gunmen and hit by grenade shrapnel, but he killed all four of the gunmen and walked out to the extraction helicopter. He recovered and is living with his wife and daughters.

Navy SEAL’s Amazing Survival: ‘God, Get Me Home’

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – Navy SEAL Sr. Chief Mike Day had never been shot before, but that changed dramatically one night in April 2007.

Al Qaeda terrorists shot Day more than two dozen times.

“This body armor took more rounds than it was supposed to,” explained Day, who is now retired.

Body armor capable of handling only one round took multiple hits at close range and amazingly held together.

“They advertise that it can take one round, and then it falls apart to the point where they say that it’s not supposed to stop anymore projectiles. And this whole gunfight was inside of 10 feet,” Day elaborated to CBN News.

He said any one of the rounds should have killed him.

“Just another sign that I shouldn’t have survived it,”… Continue Reading