The Bluetooth symbol is a bind-rune representing the initials of the Viking King for who it was named.

Harald Bluetooth

Harald “Bluetooth” Gormsson (Old Norse: Haraldr Gormsson; Danish: Harald Blåtand Gormsen, died c. 985/86) was a king of Denmark and Norway.

He was the son of King Gorm the Old and of Thyra Dannebod. Harald ruled as king of Denmark from c. 958 – c. 986. Harald introduced Christianity to Denmark and consolidated his rule over most of Jutland and Zealand. Harald’s rule as king of Norway following the assassination of King Harald Greycloak of Norway was more tenuous, most likely lasting for no more than a few years in the 970s. Some sources say his son Sweyn Forkbeard forcibly deposed him from his Danish throne before his death.

During his reign, Harald oversaw the reconstruction of the Jelling runic stones, and numerous other public works. The most famous is fortifying the fortress of Aros (nowadays Aarhus) which was situated in a central position in his kingdom in the year 979. Some believe these projects were a way for him to consolidate economic and military control of his country and the main city. Ring forts were built in five strategic locations with Aarhus perfectly in the middle: Continue Reading (9 minute read)

11 thoughts on “The Bluetooth symbol is a bind-rune representing the initials of the Viking King for who it was named.”

  1. Phantom707

    He would mediate peace treaties and then tear up the contract, giving half to each party. The jagged edges matched, showing it was an authentic document.

  2. Mathmage530

    Is this the guy from Civ 5?

  3. new_to_cincy

    Anyone else smile because they thought this was someone trolling Wikipedia? I got to the part about the rune and I was grimacing at the obvious lie. Seriously, this sounds like an April Fools’ joke.

  4. siraisy

    The Danish King Harald Blatand ate so many blueberries that his teeth stained blue. “Bluetooth” is named after him because of his ability to unite warring Scandinavian factions, just as Bluetooth unites wireless devices. The Bluetooth logo is also a combination of the Kings Runic initials.

    He beat back German settlers thus Denmark is not German (In fact you could say Denmark has been in a constant struggle since the Holy Roman Empire was formed not to become German).

    He christened Denmark, thus made the power vested in the king divine (due to papal approval), but that also meant that all the actual democracy Denmark did have faded in favour of feudal society. Although some things remain, the parliament is called the ‘Folketing’ which means People’s Ting. A ting being an old word for assembly.

    His rule was one of turbulence due to christening the Danes, thus he constructed numerous ring forts and hired Slavic (most likely from Poland) mercenaries to consolidate his rule.

    He was killed by his son Svend Tveskæg (Sweyn Forkbeard), who abandoned the ring forts and conquered England instead.

    Svend Tveskæg is the father of Knud den Store(Cnut the Great) who tried to make Denmark and England into one kingdom and people (he failed).

    Harald caused the Jelling Stones to be erected at the town of Jelling in Denmark where they can still be seen today.

  5. monkeybeats

    Just so people are aware, “the Vikings” were never a group of people. Vikings was basically a word for pirates. According to his Wikipedia page Harold Bluetooth was Danish, then king of Denmark and Norway.

    P.S. They never wore horns on their helmets.

  6. McNizzel

    awesome post, I had no idea! See y’all again in a few weeks

  7. FlabberBabble

    Someone listens to Stuff you Missed in History Class :).

  8. Jag-

    Long Ships is a fantastic book. Highly recommended.

  9. 4everdonuts

    Never knew the origin (or inspiration) of Bluetooth’s symbol would be a Viking King!

  10. ihatepickingnames99

    He was always surrounded by a band of loyal bodyguards, who would fight until the death when they were in his presence.

    But if they wandered a bit too far away from him, problems began.

    Some of them would just stop fighting, drop their weapons and fall to the ground.

    Others would mysteriously switch sides, start fighting for the enemy, or just help some passing peasants.

    Others would wander from thane to thane asking if they are in need of a warrior.

    If this happened Bluetooth usually could just sound his horn, and they’d come running back, but sometimes he’d have to run up to one of them and yell right in his year “It is I Harald, I’m standing right next to you, join me” but no, the warrior would just stare at him blankly not sure who Harald was. Sometimes he’d have to ask him 10 or 15 times in a row before the warrior would realize whose side he is on and rejoin the fight.

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