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Joyce Vincent

A British Woman was Found Dead in her Flat with Her TV and Air Conditioning Still Running. She Had Been Dead for Two Years Before Her Corpse was Discovered.

Joyce Vincent’s name made headlines in 2006. She was discovered dead in circumstances that sparked numerous investigations. When her body was discovered, it had been transformed into a skull. But did you know how long it took before people realized she was dead?

A British woman was discovered dead in her flat, with her television and air conditioning still turned on. She had been dead for two years when her body was discovered.

The Discovery Two Years Too Late

Joyce Vincent was discovered in an apartment of the Metropolitan Housing Trust. Officers discovered she had not paid the nearly £2,500 rent. After repeatedly failing to receive a response, the last attempt was made on January 25, 2006. Officers attempted to break down Joyce’s apartment door and witnessed the horrific scene.

A human’s body had already stiffened. Nearly all of it had turned into a skull. Joyce Vincent was thought to be the deceased. She sat on a sofa in front of a television turned on and a heater. There are neatly wrapped Christmas presents and a shopping bag beside her. The letters were scattered at the entrance at the same time.

Joyce’s physical condition immediately made everyone believe she had died long ago. The stench that frequently emanated from the body was detected but ignored because the room was close to the trash can. Joyce’s neighbors had no idea she hadn’t been out of the room long. (Source: Medium)

Joyce Vincent’s Behavior Before She Died

She began her career at the bottom after moving to London from Hammersmith. But she can’t stay in one place for long. She later quit her job at Ernst & Young for no apparent reason.

She had begun to distance herself from her family by that point. According to a source close to her, Joyce had a love affair with someone, but she was the victim of violence. Joyce was moved to a modest residence owned by the Metropolitan Housing Trust, which was used to house victims of violence, in February 2003.

Joyce’s behavior, which began to drift away from family and friends years before she died, had been detected by those closest to her. Furthermore, she frequently moved around to avoid her violent lover. Unfortunately, her family and friends were not informed of her relocation. (Source: Medium)

Joyce Vincent’s Family Relationship

Joyce’s family was undoubtedly shocked to learn of her death, especially given the circumstances. The police had to check Joyce’s teeth while investigating the identity of her body. The police contacted Joyce’s family after confirming her identity.

Joyce’s sister was one of her closest family members, but she refused to give any details to the media. It’s natural to recall that what she’s going through is not unusual.

Her sister claims she has lost contact with her. The family had even hired a private detective to discover what happened to Joyce and where she lived. Unfortunately, despite knowing her address, the family and detectives have difficulty contacting Joyce because she appears to be avoiding everyone.

Those who knew Joyce were taken aback by her death. She died alone, especially given her sad condition, and was only discovered almost three years later. Many people believed that the incident was caused by Joyce’s partner, who had altered Joyce’s character from what everyone knew. (Source: Medium

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