Meet the 1956 Dutch-American Friendship Treaty. Americans with 4500 Euros can obtain a 2-year visa to work as an independent contractor in Holland. This can be extended long enough to ultimately apply for Dutch/EU citizenship.

What is DAFT?

The Dutch American Friendship Treaty (DAFT) is an agreement between the United States and the Netherlands, established on March 27, 1956. The treaty allows US Entrepreneurs and Freelancers to acquire Dutch residency for the purpose of “starting a business”. With this Netherlands Visa, USA citizens can easily relocate to the Netherlands. You can start a brick and mortar business selling a product or service, or you can sell yourself as a service like I currently do (Freelancing).

The Netherlands and United States Friendship Treaty makes obtaining a residence permit in the Netherlands as an American very easy. You will need €4,500 to “invest” and maintain in a business bank account. You will need to jump through some hoops with the Dutch … Continue Reading (2 minute read)

6 thoughts on “Meet the 1956 Dutch-American Friendship Treaty. Americans with 4500 Euros can obtain a 2-year visa to work as an independent contractor in Holland. This can be extended long enough to ultimately apply for Dutch/EU citizenship.”

  1. dobbythehufflepuff

    Guys, it’s a bit more complicated than it sounds, sorry to say. You also have to prove that you have a viable business plan, including a plan for significant investment in the business plan, which in turn includes proof of means.
    Read here (scroll down)

    edit: to clarify: I just meant that some people probably read this post as “if you have €4500, you can emigrate to the Netherlands, no problem”, but that’s not exactly true.. I am an American immigrant in the Netherlands (different visa program) so I know that it’s not easy to meet the requirements for an extended period of time.
    If you want to try to come to the Netherlands, please do! Just be warned, it’s not always easy. But life is pretty good here:)

  2. DocCaliban

    I lived on a Dutch Caribbean island for several years and remember a Dutch friend describing the language as “a throat disease”. He told a funny story about buying beer in the US. The clerk asked for his ID so he gave her his Dutch drivers license. She asked what it was and he told her. Then she asked, “Are you from Dutch?”. We worked on dive boats together and he had the best reply for when a tourist would correct his English… “Sorry. English is my fifth language.”

  3. Silent-Filter


  4. Ecstatic_Response

    I’ve been wanting to live in the Netherlands for awhile now, thank you for the info!!

  5. Butterfly_07

    I have 3 weeks left until I know if my visa application will be accepted or denied. I applied under the Dutch American friendship treaty in the Netherlands.

    It’s not as simple is OP makes it sound. It’s a lot of work and takes a lot of time and effort to be able to be considered for this. I personally hired a lawyer for this and she is amazing and worth the money. I’ve also had to hire an accountant to legally be accepted.
    The lawyer is costing me €1300
    The application alone costs €1379
    My accountant for the business forecast costs €130 (this doesn’t include future services I will be hiring him for).
    You also have to have the €4500 investment minimum in your business account at all times. (bonus points: despite not being allowed to move or use this investment money until you end your business, you could still get interest for this!)

    I also have to prove that I have a steady income for at least the next year with a minimum of €1300 per month, and my business plan to create more income.

    I had to argue with the banks to give me a business account and the city hall to give me a BSN. This is because both are not in sinc with the IND, who the application is being processed with. The most stressful thing of it all was not knowing if the bank would allow me to get a bank account. (the bank made an exception for me, but I assume they have to make an exception for everyone in this predicament due to the fact that it would be impossible for people to get accepted if the bank didn’t make the exception) still though, the arguing and negotiating is not easy.

    If you have any questions about it, I’m happy to answer them! I love the Netherlands and am so happy to no longer be in the US. Now I just pray that I get accepted because if I have to go back to the US… *cries in fear*

  6. MrDoPhi314

    No guns, almost free healthcare, you can yell at cops without being shot, good public transport, no overweight population, more then 2 political options, happiest kids (says the UN), food is cheap, no death penalty, car is not needed when you live in a city, 35/40 days holiday a year, lowest unemployment rate in the EU, one of the lowest crime rates in the world, almost everyone speaks english and stroopwafels.

    You would be so lost here, just dont come.

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