The music used in the “You wouldn’t steal a car” anti piracy ad was pirated

Anti-pirating ad music stolen

You wouldn’t steal a movie, so why would you put stolen music on an anti-piracy ad? Dr Karl investigates a curious case of copyright theft.

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If you have bought or rented a movie on a DVD sometime in the last few years, you would have had to sit through the compulsory anti-piracy video at the beginning. You know, the one with the urgent death-metal-thrash techno music in the background, and the words on the screen telling you that you wouldn’t steal a car, or a handbag, or a television, or a movie. It then goes on to tell you that: “downloading pirated movies is stealing” and furthermore that “stealing is against the law” and finishes off with the bleak message that “piracy is a crime”.

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11 thoughts on “The music used in the “You wouldn’t steal a car” anti piracy ad was pirated”

  1. H_Lunulata

    AFAIK, however, if you scanned your neighbour’s ferrari and, say, 3d-printed your own somehow, Ferrari cannot prosecute you for theft or piracy.

  2. cleanslaton

    (Hopefully I’m remembering the right comedian- heard it on a sirius comedy channel) Aparna Nancherla had a good bit about how this logic is bullshit- (summarized)- stealing music would be like stealing a car if the car’s owner also got to keep a copy of the car

  3. HKSHN

    Giving off *‘smoking is bad kids, don’t smoke’*, then goes to take a ~~quick~~ loooong smoke break, teacher vibes.

  4. Fan_of_Lego

    I remember seeing that ad every time my family bought a DvD and we watched it at home, which is kinda odd… Even if I had stolen it from the store it’s not pirating? Or was it meant more as a general “good thing you bought this DvD, remember that pirating is bad”

  5. z-vet

    IIRC it was “You wouldn’t download a car” and one of the first comments on it was “I would if I could”.

  6. theservman

    You wouldn’t shoot a policeman… And steal his helmet.

  7. BongoMcBong

    Oh how the turn tables

  8. Thedrunner2

    Being written by Long John and the Swashbucklers was sort of a big giveaway.

  9. TheAnt317

    You wouldn’t steal a commercial.

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