German men are encouraged to pee sitting down to promote a cleaner bathroom experience for other men.

Sitzpinkeln: Germany’s dark secret

People who haven’t been to Germany don’t believe me when I tell them. They argue with me and shake their heads and plead with me for it to not be true. Some people have fallen silent and never spoken again. It’s a dark secret most of the world doesn’t know about German men.

Believe me: I understand why. It’s the same reaction everyone has the first time they visit Germany and learn the secret: German men sit down to pee. The word for the act is as horrendous as the act itself: Sitzpinkeln (going against nature).

To reinforce this behavior, room-mates, café owners and over-zealous mothers around the country have hung up signs above toilets indicating that a standing, peeing man is not just discouraged, it’s forbidden.

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9 thoughts on “German men are encouraged to pee sitting down to promote a cleaner bathroom experience for other men.”

  1. wallabeen

    but I get funny looks when I sit down in the urinal

  2. Mynock33

    Maybe just anecdotal, but as someone who worked retail way back in high school and college, I’ve seen the difference in cleanliness between the men’s and women’s rooms after a busy day and let me tell you, women are surprisingly more disgusting in my experience. Maybe it’s the hovering?

  3. fessus_intellectiva

    I plank on top of the toilet bowl when I pee. It’s good for your core.

  4. SlowJay11

    It’s gross when your dick touches the inside of the toilet though.

  5. zivilstand

    If u pee sitting down as a guy you’re a Sitzpinkler which is one of the best German words ever

  6. beaubaby

    My previous female partners have always said that the female toilets are disgusting compared to the male toilets. An issue that I don’t pursue to find out.

  7. tiluh

    American here. I sit down. If those freeloading women are allowed to sit down, I should be as well. I work 11 hours a day until I’ve worn holes in my boots and I’m supposed to come home and use what little energy remains in my body to stand while Doreen’s laying on the couch all day eating bonbons and sitting down on the toilet like a little princess. No this gravy train will not last.

  8. embroideredyeti

    Can confirm, am German. Both my father and my husband are “sitters”. Lived in Austria for a few years, my male flatmates also sat. It’s just considered the normal and civilised thing to do.

    (Obviously men will stand taking a leak outside, or whereever there are urinals, but not sitting on a toilet is considered very impolite.)

  9. NMe84

    Which is funny, because I used to work as a cleaner and women’s bathrooms are much more gross than men’s on average. And my mom worked as a cleaner for most of her life and she had the same overall experience.

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