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According to a Dietitian, Pizza is Healthier for Breakfast Than Sugary Cereal.

What is the one thing you would prefer not to eat first thing in the morning? Breakfast is thought to be the most significant meal of the day. It’s probably junk food, specifically a few slices of pizza from last night. Instead, we all start the day with the same cereal box and a glass of milk. But did you know that pizza is actually healthier?

A dietitian claims that pizza is a healthier alternative to sugary cereal for breakfast. The number of calories in a typical pizza slice and a bowl of cereal with whole milk are comparable. On the other hand, pizza has more protein, making you feel fuller and more satiated all morning.

An Italian Staple for Breakfast

According to a recent study done by researchers in New York, cereals are the most popular breakfast food, but eating pizza for breakfast is healthier. We are confident that you have never heard the words pizza and healthy used in the same sentence, but if the study is to be believed, your cereals are also unhealthful.

The study’s nutritionist, Chelsea Amer, drew attention to the relatively high sugar content in most breakfast cereals, which negates any nutritional value. No matter what is claimed on the label’s back, their healthy count is essentially zero.

The study compared the calorie counts of the two common foods, and it was found that a slice of pizza has the same number of calories as a serving of cereal with milk. In fact, the fact that pizza has slightly more protein and less sugar than a bowl of cereal, which is loaded with artificial sugar, may cause you to rethink your breakfast choice the next time.

Something high in protein makes you feel fuller for longer and is a healthy choice for weight watchers. Additionally, this reduces the chance of experiencing the sugar rush that comes from eating cereal. (Source: The New York Post

Cereal is Also Good for You

The nutritionist cautions you not to start eating pizza all the time, though. You should keep in mind that there are better breakfast alternatives. She continues,

A cereal made with whole grains, nuts or seeds, and fruit with organic grass-fed milk or plant-based milk is a better choice over a grease-laden pizza made with processed meat on a white flour crust. A slice of pizza contains fatter and much less sugar than most cold cereals, so you will not experience a quick sugar crash.

Chelsea Amer, Nutritionist

But don’t use that as a justification to make Papa John’s your go-to breakfast place. If you’re smart about it, cereal can be a perfectly healthy breakfast option — yes, healthier than pizza — according to New York-based dietitian Keri Gans.

Cereal can absolutely be a vehicle for getting important nutrients into your diet to start your day off right. If you choose the right cereal that’s packed with fiber, it may help lower cholesterol and control blood sugar. 

Keri Gans, New York-based dietitian

(Source: The New York Post

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