Fleetwood Mac’s hit album, Rumors, was fueled by so much cocaine that the band tried to include their dealer into the albums credits.

Fleetwood Mac: Behind the Drama, Divorce and Drugs That Fueled the Making of ‘Rumours’

When you combine a huge recording budget with sex, drugs and rock-and-roll, then add in jealousy, infidelity and divorce – between members of the band, no less – it hardly sounds like a recipe for a successful album. The fact that Rumours, Fleetwood Mac’s hit album, was ever finished, let alone stayed atop the charts for 31 weeks, win the Grammy for Album of the Year and became one of the biggest selling albums of all time (more than 45 million copies), is testament to the artistry of the individuals comprising the group — and gives credence to the notion that through adversity, great things can emerge.

Work on the album began in 1976. The British-American band had just come off a successful, yet grueling, six-month American tour which … Continue Reading (5 minute read)

10 thoughts on “Fleetwood Mac’s hit album, Rumors, was fueled by so much cocaine that the band tried to include their dealer into the albums credits.”

  1. 883Guy

    Stevie Nicks said that while recording Tusk, the amount of money they spent on cocaine could have paid for all of the band members’ rent in L.A. for at least 5 months.

  2. WeirdEngineerDude

    2 parts sexual tension, 3 parts cheating on your lover with the other bandmates lover, add cocaine, stir, add more cocaine, simmer

    – recipe for Rumours album

  3. rvrslgc

    When George Clinton was producing Freaky Styley for RHCP, George Clinton didn’t have money to pay his coke dealer so he put him in a track.

  4. jtdusk

    Rock on gold dust woman

    Take your silver spoon, dig your grave

  5. Queef_Stroganoff44

    Could you not?


  6. SadsackTheKnife

    I heard they also did this with their other hit album, Rumours.

  7. Tumultuous_Chi

    The more I find out about these guys the more they get legendary

  8. scottucker

    Yesterday I learned *The Pious Bird of Good Omen* exists, and how much I love it. That band has such a long and interesting history, I couldn’t even finish reading their Wikipedia page last night.

  9. alienanimal

    I’m not big on the idea of romanticizing cocaine over-indulgence. Shit has serious consequences for most people that don’t have 70’s rockstar bank accounts.

  10. jedi-son

    What does cocaine smell like?

    More cocaine.

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