One of The Rock’s first acting roles was as an alien fighting Star Trek’s Seven of Nine

Jeri Ryan recalls fighting Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson on Star Trek: Voyager

Dwayne Johnson’s appearance in Star Trek: Voyager was one of his earliest acting roles. He wasn’t yet the biggest star in the world but the Seven of Nine actress could definitely smell what was cooking…

Transport back in time to the year 2000. WWE was still called WWF, and fast becoming its biggest star was Dwayne Johnson, or as he was better known, The Rock. It was inevitable that his charm, charisma and acting chops would be tested in dramatic roles, and so The Rock beamed into the 15th episode of the sixth season of Star Trek: Voyager.

The plot saw ex-Borg crew member Seven of Nine kidnapped and forced to fight in an arena for entertainment. Her first opponent is a Pendari champion who looks good in silver spandex. Here’s what … Continue Reading (3 minute read)

12 thoughts on “One of The Rock’s first acting roles was as an alien fighting Star Trek’s Seven of Nine”

  1. Slimeball3000

    I remember watching that as a kid. It was pretty badass.

  2. StereoSodaTexas

    The article states even though he was famous by then, the actress didn’t know who he was. She assumed it was just “some guy.” So, after it was over, she found an autographed photo of him left in her trailer with him dressed as a wrestler with the words “The Rock smells what you’re cooking.” and this really confused her, because she had never even heard of his nickname, or catchphrase.

    That pic, taken completely out of context, must have made him seem like the weirdest guy ever.

    “I had a really fun time working with you. Here’s a pic of me in spandex.”

  3. alwayswait01

    You assimilate what the rock is cooking?

  4. HooplaCool

    And his grandpa fought James Bond in ‘You Only Live Twice.’

  5. mowens87

    Do you smell what The Rock is replicating?

  6. Infernalism

    His best role was in Be Cool.

  7. Skullmonkey42

    Seven of Nine? More like 10/10, amirite?

  8. GhostFish

    Professional wrestling *is* acting. It’s a stunt show of impressive physical feats, but it is acting.

  9. manwithavandotcom

    ~~Big Show was also on that episode.~~

    Oops–Big Show was on Enterprise, not TNG. Great scene when he picks-up T’Pol like she’s a misbehaving toddler.

    Anyway–Jeri Ryan needs her own action hero franchise. Seriously, did you see her on Picard?! She makes Sara Connor look like a wimp.

  10. PFCDoofles

    I can’t believe in 2021 I’m still reminding people that professional wrestling is a stage acting gig. Dwayne “the rock” johnson was on Voyager as a guest spot because he was such a popular wrestler.

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