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Blackpool Hitler's Resort

During World War II, Hitler Ordered the British Town of Blackpool to be Spared from Bombing as He Intended It to be His Personal Holiday Resort After Germany Had Won the War.

We all enjoy visiting Blackpool. Since the Victorian era, when it was envisioned as a getaway destination for factory workers, the seaside resort has been a staple of the British seaside experience. Blackpool’s popularity peaked in the mid-twentieth century when it attracted millions of visitors each year and served as a hub for famous performers. But did you know Hitler also loved the place that he spared it from being bombed during the Second World War?

During WWII, Hitler ordered that the British town of Blackpool be spared from bombing because he planned to use it as his personal vacation destination after Germany won the war.

Adolf Hitler’s Interest in Blackpool

What is less well known is that a certain fascist dictator was also enamored with and appreciated Blackpool. Adolf Hitler, the Third Reich’s Fuhrer and the leader of the infamous Nazi Party in Germany, had detailed plans for Blackpool if he ever invaded Britain.

Despite bombing key manufacturing areas in Britain during the Blitz, with London, Manchester, Coventry, Birmingham, and even East Lancashire fleeing under a hail of German bombs, Hitler chose not to bomb Blackpool because he wanted to preserve it.

This is what one of history’s most evil men intended to do to Blackpool Tower, Pleasure Beach, and the North Pier. (Source: Lancs Live

What Were Adolf Hilter’s Plans?

The Luftwaffe bombed Pendle, Oswaldtwistle, and Edgeworth, all of which are tiny, almost insignificant parts of the county in terms of the war effort, especially compared to Blackpool.

During the war, the Lancashire seaside resort served as an important military base, with hundreds of Wellington bombers built and thousands of troops stationed there on leave. Despite this, it escaped the Lutwaffe’s bombing raids.

Maps and aerial photographs discovered by publisher Michael Cole in a German military base allegedly reveal Hitler’s grand design for Blackpool. They help to explain why Blackpool was spared the same fate as Coventry or London during the Blitz.

They depict a portion of Hitler’s Operation Sea Lion, revealing that the German leader intended to march troops along the coast following a paratrooper drop in Blackpool’s Stanley Park.

Hitler is said to have wanted to turn Blackpool into a playground for his soldiers. According to military records, he was a Blackpool fan who wished to place a Swastika flag atop Blackpool Tower. He was also keen on making Blackpool the go-to holiday destination for tired Nazi invaders looking for some rest and relaxation.

Because of this, despite being a legitimate military target with thousands of British troops stationed, Blackpool was deliberately spared by the Luftwaffe.

These maps will be the source of much interest particularly to those who lived here through the Second World War.  It had been known that Hitler intended to use Blackpool as his personal playground after what he hoped to be a successful invasion and the war ended. We did escape a lot of the bombing despite the fact so many troops were in the town and there were major aircraft manufacturing factories here. He probably wanted to keep the resort as it was so he could enjoy it as Chancellor of Britain

Elaine Smith, Chairman of Blackpool’s Civic Trust

(Source: Lancs Live

Image from Lancs