In the US 49% of corporate industry leaders and 50% of government leaders come from just 12 universities

True Merit: Ensuring Our Brightest Students Have Access to Our Best Colleges and Universities


We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of our colleagues, without whom this report would not have been possible.

At the Cooke Foundation, Lauren Matherne analyzed data on Cooke Scholars and wrote the scholar profiles contained in this report; Harold Levy, Giuseppe Basili, Dana O’Neill, and Elizabeth Davidson provided thoughtful critique and review; and Marc Linmore and Nick Ciorogan thought creatively of ways to communicate the report’s findings to a larger audience through video.

We thank our research collaborators: Dr. Ozan Jaquette and doctoral student Andrew Blatter at the University of Arizona for their analyses of Department of Education data, Paul Mott of the Common Application for partnering with us, Dr. Daniel H… Continue Reading (67 minute read)

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