Roller coasters were invented to distract American people from immorality of taverns, gambling and dancing halls, and brothels

14 Fun Facts About Roller Coasters

On August 16, 1898, Edwin Prescott, a roller coaster designer from Massachusetts, was granted a patent for an improvement to roller coasters that ride enthusiasts have come to take for granted—the vertical loop. While the roller coaster depicted in the patent’s illustration, and later realized as the Loop the Loop coaster at Coney Island, wasn’t the first to invert riders in a loop, it did usher in the safer, more comfortable and now prevailing elliptical-shaped loop.

Prescott’s Loop the Loop was surprisingly unsuccessful—mostly due to the fact that only one car with four passengers could ride the coaster at a time. It closed in 1910 after only nine years in operation. But the inventor’s pioneering spirit is honored every August 16 on N… Continue Reading (8 minute read)

10 thoughts on “Roller coasters were invented to distract American people from immorality of taverns, gambling and dancing halls, and brothels”

  1. AngryCod

    Sounds to me like there’s a wide open market for brothels on roller coasters.

  2. UltimateDonny

    I thought roller coasters were invented in Russia. In the 17th century

  3. blondersmusic

    Works for me. I’d rather ride a roller coaster than gamble or go to a strip club.

  4. DarthSanity

    In many cities parks, zoos, amusement parks and similar recreational areas were built at the end of trolley lines, to encourage weekend usage of the line and traffic going both ways.

    One way loops taking everyone downtown in the morning and back home in the evening had a high operating cost so the goal was to balance ridership so that traffic went both ways along the line. Thus was born the first (edit: transportation-based) suburbs…. not as residential centers but as decentralized hubs for business and recreation.

  5. QuizzicalCritter

    Did anyone else get to the part where medical researchers rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad to dislodge (simulated) kidney stones? And it worked?!?

  6. IAmTheOneWhoPosts

    And in similar asinine sounding but actually true news, corn flakes were invented to stop people from masturbating.

  7. Kindofsickofyou

    Killer idea. Adult theme park. It has all of these. I’m going to add a section where you can blow stuff up.

  8. hanj1solo

    Well then… Bring back the brothel, dammit.

  9. ForkShirtUp

    Well now they distract us from $100+ ticket prices, overpriced fast foods, cheap souvenirs, miserable costumed mascots and the weird obsession of doing it all again next year

  10. Pherllerp

    When I read stories like this it makes me wonder just how wild those places were.

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