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Veronica Seider

Veronica Seider Possessed a Visual Acuity 20 Times Better than an Average Person. She Can Identify People More than a Mile Away.

If you have 20/20 vision, you can clearly see an object 20 feet away. This refers to average, normal vision. If your vision does not measure 20/20, you may need to wear contact lenses or glasses to see clearly. But do you know who has a visual acuity 20 times better than the average human? 

Veronica Seider has 20 times the visual acuity of the average person. She could recognize people more than a mile away.

Who is Veronica Seider?

Veronica Seider’s superpower sounds like a plot in a movie. She has eyesight that defies human comprehension. While some people squint to read the small print, Seider can see for miles.

Veronica Seider, a superhuman with extraordinary abilities, was born in West Germany in 1951. Like any other German child, Veronica went to school and later enrolled at Stuttgart University in West Germany.

Seider’s abilities first came to public attention in 1972, while she was still a student when her university discovered her unique optical skills. She has excellent vision. Compared to a normal human, who can only see details from 20 feet away, Seider can see details from a mile away.

Amazingly, Seider can see 20 times better than the average person. Normal eyes have 20/20 visual acuity, whereas her acuity was around 20/2. She can easily distinguish people from a mile away and calculate their relative distance from her position.

Aside from that, Seider’s vision can be compared to that of a telescope. She claims to be able to see the colors that make up a frame in colored television sets.

According to science, any color is composed of three primary colors: red, blue, and green. Normal eyes perceive color as a product formed by mixing primary colors in various proportions. People who are blind, unfortunately, cannot perceive color at all.

On the other hand, Seider can see the colors by their constituents: red, blue, and green.

Despite her superhuman abilities, Seider pursued her dream of becoming a dentist in West Germany. Like her profession, she prefers to live as an average person in a normal lifestyle. As a result, she has decided to remain anonymous. (Source: Still Unfold

Where Did Her Superpower Come From? 

So far, no one in the world has been reported to have such an astounding vision. As a result, this can be interpreted as a genetic abnormality.

The visual ability of Seider is regarded as a paranormal human mystery. Her eyesight is so sharp that she can read a ten-page letter on the back of a postage stamp.

She also demonstrated another aspect of her talent in front of a group of Stuttgart University professors. She cut a piece of paper exactly the size of her thumbnail. She then neatly wrote 20 verses of a poem on it without using a magnifying glass. (Source: Still Unfold)

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