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How Many M&M’s Do You Need to Stack to Beat the World Record?

The Guinness World Records is well-known for giving recognition to the most bizarre activities and oddities. We’ve seen the longest fingernails, the fastest wheelie bin, and yes, the tallest M&M stack. But how many do you need to stack to break the world record?

You need to stack six M&M’s to break the current world record. Will Cutbill, from the UK, was able to balance five M&M’s. He beat Silvio Sabba and Brendan Kelbie’s joint record of stacking four.

How Did Will Cutbill Break the Record?

Will Cutbill, a resident of Soilhull, a small town in England, attempted to break the world record on January 31, 2021. And he succeeded.

The idea came to him while he was munching on some M&M’s during the lockdown.

“One day in lockdown I was mixing up my confectionary choice, usually I’m a chocolate bar type of guy but this time the bag of M&M’s called me and boy am I glad they did!”

Will Cutbill

He then thought of stacking the pieces and wondering how many he could stack at a time.

“At first it wasn’t very many until one day I thought right let’s crack this, so I sat down very determined to complete it.”

Will Cutbill

This accomplishment was more than a personal achievement to him. Will had his eye on breaking the record – and he did.

He had a life-long ambition to break the world record. He even said that he buys the The Book of Guinness World Records every year to keep himself updated.

Then one day, organization gave him a call, and confirmed his title.

“It’s actual madness that I can now say I’m a Guinness World Records title holder! That’s something I’ve dreamed about my whole life! I’m whacking it straight onto the Insta bio.”

Will Cutbill

Check out his video here. (Source: The Guinness World Records)

Was Will Cutbill Great at Balancing?

In spite of the world record, Will admitted that he did not have much talent when it comes to balancing. The task required dexterity and a mountain of patience.

“My balance is awful I can barely stand on one leg! But I have a talent for chocolate – of any variety stacked, balanced or just simply eaten!”

Will Cutbill

(Source: The Guinness World Records)

What Does Will Have to Say to Other World Record Aspirants?

The record title holder has one advice to everyone; take your time.

“This record took me an awful long time, thank goodness we were in a lockdown. It takes time but if you stick at it you will find a way to do it.”

Will Cutbill

As of today, Will is quite motivated to break more records. (Source: The Guinness World Records)

Does the Guinness World Records Pay Record Holders?

The organization simply celebrates the world’s best to inform and entertain people of these achievements. They do not pay nor do they sponsor any record-breakers for any of the accomplishments listed. The organization also refrains from making any contributions to charities, businesses or individuals to keep their stance unbiased. This is to ensure the public that organization is truly inclusive of all applicants. (Source: The Guinness World Records)

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