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Can Geese Replace Guard Dogs?

Have you ever heard of the concept of a guard goose? Their intelligence and instinctively aggressive behavior have long been acknowledged as the perfect skills for a guard animal. Some might even say that they’re better guard animals than dogs! 

Geese have always had the job as guard animals, even way back 390 BC. They’re very skilled in defending their territory, and unlike dogs, they’re less susceptible to being fooled by food.

The Honking Guard

Usually, when one thinks of having a guard animal, the initial idea that comes into mind is the image of a guard dog. A reliable, easily trained dog that is capable of attending to one’s needs! Surprisingly, a goose, just like a dog, can also be a guard animal. 

Geese, like dogs, have been trained as guard animals for centuries. They’ve many characteristics that are perfectly catered to guarding tasks. Some might say that they’re more suited to protecting roles than dogs. Their honks are distinguishable alarms, they’re naturally territorial and protective, and their vision is remarkable, noting that birds can see ultraviolet light.

Not only that, but geese can also detect the presence of a predator by sensing their movement. Since they’re protective and territorial, they will usually be aggressive to oncoming predators. They’re more aggressive in their territory in the mating and hatching season. (Source: Hello Homestead

Due to their acknowledged vigilance, they would not hesitate to attack one they feel threatened by a situation. Geese attack humans commonly. A group of geese attacked an Englishman on his bicycle while protecting their goslings. Consequentially, this resulted in the hospitalization of the Englishman.

In a different situation, geese are labeled “cobra chicken” in Cincinnati Parks because of their aggressive behavior of breaking people’s bones and hissing and biting them. A goose attack has even resulted in $2,000,000 worth of damages! (Source: Highbeam

The aggressive, protective personality of geese is known to be practical in their guarding tasks. Their intelligence can also aid them in identifying unusual events. 

The History of the Skilled Geese

In the land of Ancient Rome, geese have always been utilized for their guarding and protecting skills. Goddess Juno, the female equivalent of Jupiter, deemed geese as sacred animals. The group of geese that were frequently seen mingling in her temple were untouched by the people.

During 390 BC, the Gallic Army initiated a surprise attack on Rome. They began the operation by reaching Capitoline Hill – conveniently, this was the location of the temple of Juno. The roman geese that frequently flocked there were quick to alarm others with their loud honks, unlike the dogs that were quickly charmed by the presence of meat.

In 2013, a province in China known as Xinjiang was applauded for the police’s use of geese as an alternative to guard dogs. Geese were not just patrolling buildings, but they were also protecting the police station. Mr. Zhang in Xinjiang notes the usefulness of geese, saying that they’re better at guarding than dogs because they stayed in groups and were less likely to be tricked with drugged food.

Geese also guarded a factory that aged Ballantine’s whiskeys; they’ve performed their duties from 1959 until 2012. The flock of geese that protected the factory was known as the Scotch Watch. The Scotch Watch was also widely known, being the main subject of shows and newspapers. (Source: Hello Homestead)

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