If you remove a box turtle from the wild and don’t put them back in the location you found them they will most likely die looking for their home

Box Turtle Conservation

Box turtles have unfortunate seen better days in the wild. Various factors, most of them human-related such as exports for the pet trade and loss of habitat is causing the population of box turtles to dwindle. Because of this, it’s important to know about the threat and what we can do to reverse it.

Most Threatened Species/Subspecies

Some species and subspecies of box turtle have not been studied very heavily, but it is possible that the Coahuilan (Aquatic) box turtle, is the most endangered American box turtle. There are several Asian box turtles that are near extinction or allready extinct in the wild..

Even the most common box turtle, the Eastern box turtle, is officially classified as “vulnerable.”

Some box turtles requi…
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