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How Much Do McDonald’s Managers Make?

Several employees at McDonald’s USA say it’s a great place to work at compared to other US-based fast food companies. Most McDonald’s are operated as independent franchises that have their policies, but owners follow guidelines set forth by the corporation. Did you know that the fast-food chain offers competitive employee packages, they even make more than teachers?

Managers at America’s favorite fast-food McDonald’s typically earn $30,000 to $60,000 annually, depending on experience. McDonald’s pays their managers more on average than teachers in most US states.

McDonald’s Manager Package

A McDonald’s General Manager is responsible for several things. The global fast-food chain maintains teams of highly motivated employees for operations, of which the general manager plays an integral part. (Source: Job Applications)

General managers working for McDonald’s are responsible for:

  • Conduct interviews with applicants for their store
  • Train newly hired associates
  • Place supplies orders and ensure the store is well-stocked
  • Process payroll
  • Update timesheets
  • Demonstrate protocol to the store crew
  • Track supply and shipment orders
  • Liaise with regional offices
  • Ensure customer satisfaction is met

Depending on the state, general managers earn $30,000 to $60,000 annually. A typical compensation package provided includes: 

  • 401K retirement plans
  • Life insurance coverage
  • Disability coverage
  • Prescription drug plans
  • Medical insurance
  • Educational assistance
  • Paid time off and holiday pay
  • And depending on the store – discounted or free meals

Working at McDonald’s

There have been many differing opinions on how it’s like to work for McDonald’s. Others claim it is the best place they have worked with, while others claim they are underpaid and overworked.

However, McDonald’s has invested a lot of resources to ensure that it retains its stature as a company you’d like to work for. The global chain boasts of some initiatives to help its employees. (Source: Undercover Recruiter)

Hamburger University

This is a training campus that has earned its name Harvard of the food industry. Employees who pass the screening process gain access to exclusive training programs to help them develop into better personnel.

Gender Equality

McDonald’s prides itself in promoting female equality in the workplace. The number of females on the board rose from 10% in 2007 to 27% in 2010.

Meet Our People

The Meet, Our People campaign was launched to promote every employee as an individual, highlighting talented individuals from all walks of life. This helps employees feel treated as individuals, not just as a number on the list.

McDonald’s certainly is an excellent company to consider working for.

States with the Highest-Paid Teachers

On average, a teacher makes around $60,000 annually, but that figure depends on what grade you teach or what state you are teaching in. Tenure also plays a significant role in the income a teacher may have.

According to a study conducted by the National Education Association, the average starting salary of a teacher is below $40,000 in 63% of the country’s districts. In almost 300 districts, that figure falls under $30,000. (Source: Business Insider)

Below is five of the highest-paying states for teachers:

  • New York at an average of $87,000
  • California with around $84,000
  • Massachusetts at $83,000
  • Washington at $79,000
  • Connecticut at $78,000 (Source: Business Insider)

Fun, High-Paying Jobs

If you are looking for a job or considering switching and do not wish to work in McDonald’s or become a teacher, here are a few fun yet high-paying jobs available. (Source: Glass Door)

  • Veterinarians earn about $85,000 annually if you have a liking to animals
  • Winemakers earn about $84,000, a great job if your passion is about wine
  • Concert promoters can make as much as $83,000 for people who love the music scene
  • Fashion Designers at around $60,000
  • Video game designers can earn as much as $58,000

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