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Did Tong Aonan Get the Girl?

Tong Aonan, a 27-year-old mechanic that resides in Shenyang, declared his adoration and love for his next-door neighbor by giving her a 2.1-meter tall portrait of her using only Rubik’s cubes. 

Even though the girl felt moved by Tong Aonan’s romantic gesture, his next-door neighbor crush rejected his romantic advances. Tong Aonan explained that there were no hard feelings between them. 

The Extremity of Marriage Proposals in China

There are many ways to stage a marriage proposal. Some couples like private marriage proposals, while some prefer extravagant ones. It all depends on the preferences of each person in the relationship. An engagement is the beginning of a life-long commitment, and it is a definite show of love that your partner will appreciate endlessly. With that said, some marriage proposals tend to have an unconventional way of portraying their affection. 

Because the term forever is similar to 9 in the Chinese language, a man decided to show his love excessively through his marriage proposal. In Guangzhou, China, a man prepared 99 new iPhone models and lined them up to form a heart. 

Not only that, but another man from China also proposed using 99,999 red-hot chili peppers in two massive heart shapes. Following that same logic, another Chinese man asked for his girlfriend’s hand in marriage by presenting a gorgeous dress made from 9,999 roses.

Creative marriage proposals happen anywhere, may it be in malls or pools. A man ended his marriage proposal to his girlfriend by presenting their images in a 250-meter LED screen display in The Place, one of Beijing’s largest shopping centers. Another couple in China began a marriage proposal with a man riding a dolphin from the other end of the pool before proposing.

There are many methods of proposing a marriage offer to your partner, and someday, maybe you can take lessons from these Chinese couples for innovative ideas on how to stage a marriage proposal! (Source: CNN)

A Cubic Declaration of Love

In one particular case, a man from China decides to declare his love, not for his partner in a marriage proposal, but for his next-door neighbor, who happened to be his crush. In an article written for CNN, 27-year-old mechanic Tong Aonan states how he showed his adoration using numerous Rubik’s cubes.

After buying and solving more than 800 Rubik’s cubes, 840 to be exact, Aonan used these to produce a large portrait of his crush. Before that, he created a draft of the image in Photoshop. After two months of planning the artistic and romantic gesture, Aonan spent 20 hours in three days to construct the portrait itself with the $460-worth of Rubik’s cubes.

At the end of the lengthy process, the mosaic stood 2.1-meter tall, with a width of 1.4 meters in a uniquely made wooden frame. And although Aonan’s neighbor accepted the portrait as a gift, his romantic feelings were still rejected, surprising many netizens in social media.

Tong Aonan continues to state that no hard feelings were present between the two, further saying that he hopes netizens will stop talking about her negatively.

I simply wanted to surprise her and tell her I like her … but I was rejected … I hope they will stop making personal comments about her online.

Tong Aonan

(Source: CNN)

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    This is so cute of him! Maybe she rejected him because she has anxiety issues and is scared of a proper relationship or maybe she just isn’t ready for a serious relationship yet. Either way it was a nice act of him!! What a nice guy

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