Dalmatians are the official firehouse dog because, in the 1700’s, they would run alongside horse-drawn carriages keeping pace, even at full sprint, and protect the horses from other dogs or animals that could spook them.

A History of Fire Dogs and the Lives They’ve Saved

The image of a polka-dotted dalmatian riding shotgun in a fire truck is indelible in American pop culture and lore, but the story of how they got there is lesser-known. In honor of National Fire Pup Day, we’ve delved into the history, evolution, and enduring legacy of the dogs who keep firefighters company.

From 17th century carriage dogs to modern-day firehouse mascots, these brave and beautiful canines serve as symbols of the heroic work of their human crewmates…and sometimes, they even get in on the action themselves.


From Carriage Dogs to Fire Pups

Before there were fire pups, there were carriage dogs. A few hundred years ago, dogs were trained to trot alongside horse-drawn wagons and protect their occupants … Continue Reading

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