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Can You Rent An Entire Country?

In today’s modern times and the age of Airbnb, you can stay in practically every kind of space that you want. The application gives you access to unique properties all over the world, like a glass treehouse in Tuscany or even a castle in Scotland. But did you ever wonder if it would be possible to rent out an entire country? 

Airbnb and Liechtenstein made an arrangement to rent out the entire country for a whopping $70,000 with a minimum stay of 2 nights. The area can provide space for 900 people with 500 bedrooms ready. 

Where is Liechtenstein?

The country is ranked sixth smallest country in the entire world, measuring 61.7 square miles of land area, with about 37,000 residents as of 2015. It is located between Austria; its capital is Vaduz. The nation is headed by a prince, Hans Adam II, Johannes Adam Ferdinand Alois Josef Maria Marco d’Aviano Pius. (Source: Nations Online)

Liechtenstein for Rent

The tiny nation can be rented for $70,000 a night and may accommodate 450 to 900 guests. At the same time, its residents are also allowed to stay. The rental has a minimum stay of two nights, and the temporary owners of the country will be given a symbolic key in a simple state assembly. While the renters rent out this country, they will be treated to wine tasting, dinner, skiing, horse riding, and all the works that Liechtenstein culture may offer.

This was possible through an arrangement between Airbnb, one of the world’s known companies and application for leasing properties, and the government of Liechtenstein in cooperation with a Liechtenstein-based company, Rent a Village by Xnet. The purpose of the rental scheme was put in place to get the people connected.

In 2010, the famous rapper Snoop Dogg tried to rent the entire country for an undisclosed amount. Instead of renting just the scene locations, he wanted to rent the country to shoot his music video. However, the country’s officials denied his request. (Source: Daily Mail)

Aside from drinking wine in the Principality of Liechtenstein, you can visit exciting places like the medieval castles. You can also choose to hike along Prince’s Way or the Historical Eschnerberg Trail. Renters can also visit the State Art Gallery, the Traditional Farmhouse Museum, or its very own National Museum, and even bring your kids in to enjoy the Malbi Adventure Playground plus a lot more.

Suppose you are interested in going to the Principality of Liechtenstein but can not afford the non-refundable $70,000 fee. In that case, you have the option to visit and take advantage of different accommodations. Travelers can rent a one-room apartment, an entire vacation home, a loft, or even an entire village.

The Principality of Liechtenstein has 6 Austrian villages, 3 German towns, and one Swiss ski- resort village. These options are cheaper than renting the entire country but will not go below $50,000 a night. There are certainly a lot of choices to choose from, whether you are planning to stay there for a quick weekend rendezvous or an extended amount of time. (Source: The Crazy Tourist)

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