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What Happened to the Wild Boys?

In the summer of 2003, two California-born brothers ran away to live in the wilderness of Canada, with their story about being cut off from society and having no identification and no legal documents. Their parents found them after ten months. But did you ever wonder what happened to them after they were found?

The Wild Boys’ infamous story of William, 22, and brother Tom, 15, was a hoax. They weren’t homeless. They ran away from home and were found by their parents after ten months, shortly after they appeared on a news report.

Who Were The Wild Boys?

They were brothers who claimed to be William Green and Tom Green, children of Mary and Joseph Green from Canada. When they were found in the woods, they soon learned their real names were Kyle and Roen Horn, born to their parents, Rodger and Diana Horn of Roseville, California.

The brothers were found camping in the woods near Vernon City, about one hundred seventy-five miles northeast of Vancouver. They told the locals that their parents, Mary and Joseph, wished to keep their identities unknown and that they were brought up in the Canadian wilderness so they could learn to live self-sufficiently and isolated from society.

One of the Green brothers, Roen, was severely underweight. He only ate fruits. According to the police officers who found them, his diet had gone from regular to vegetarian and led to being vegan, which caused their malnutrition.

These two brothers told different stories to the people living nearby where they had been camping for the past ten months. They made themselves to be known as unsociable and completely unknown by society. They said they had never been to school. (Source: SFG)

How Did The Brothers Survive?

One of the locals, a mother, according to the reports, found out about the Horn brothers’ situation and rallied among her fellow community members to help the boys. They donated food and clothes to them and even contributed to afford to put the boys in a hostel when winter came.

Why Did The Brothers Runaway?

Of course, their parents were worried but said they were ecstatic that the local authorities found their children. According to Rodger Horn, the wild boys’ father, they raised their children in a suburban community near Sacramento, California.

Mr. and Mrs. Horn asked the older brother, Kyle, then 22, to leave the house when he refused to find a job. While his brother, Roen, then 15, ran away from home after being brought to the hospital to be checked because of his eating disorder. The brothers only had $200 in their pockets and a tent to go to Canada.

Both parents did not know that their children were together in Canada all those months until one of their neighbors saw the airing of the children’s recovery in one of the news reports. (Source: Castanet)

What Did The Older Brother Have To Say?

A year after Kyle and Roen Horn went home, Kyle, the older brother, granted a telephone interview with a local news reporter. He said his parents did not know that his brother Roen was with him.

Kyle would be calling their mother, Diana, now and then to tell them that he was okay and he was in Canada and would pretend to ask about the well-being of his brother. When his parents told him that his brother had gone missing, he assured them that he was fine. (Source: San Francisco Gate)

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