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International Whores Day

International Sex Workers’ Day is Observed Every 2nd of June to Honor and Recognize Their Often Exploited Working Conditions

Diverse holidays and day-specific events are often celebrated to bring together groups of people in the name of peace and harmony. There are 11 official holidays in the United States and probably hundreds of unofficial ones like Puppy Day or Waffle Day. But did you know there is a day specifically celebrated for individuals who work in the adult industry?

Every year, on June 2, people celebrate International Sex Workers’ Day to honor sex workers and call attention to their frequently exploited working circumstances.

How Did International Sex Workers’ Day Start?

On June 2, 1975, hundreds and thousands of people, mostly women and many sex workers, took over churches across France. They began in the Church of Saint-Nizier in Lyon, with the full support of Father Louis Blanc, who was quoted at the time as saying,

It is, after all, Mary Magdalene to whom Jesus appeared.

Father Louis Blanc

From that point forward, June 2 was assigned as International Sex Workers’ Day. French protesters who were occupying churches voiced their opposition to police brutality and expulsion from their places of employment and habitation.
Feminists like Simone de Beauvoir joined them in solidarity, understanding that whorephobia is a brutal extension of patriarchal control and a valuable instrument for removing women from public spaces. They placed a banner outside the church that said; Our children do not want their mothers in jail. The incident gave rise to a current global movement for the rights of sex workers. (Source: Daily Beast)

Why is International Sex Workers’ Day Important?

To advocate decriminalization, social protection, and health care for all sex workers, sex workers and their allies come together on International Sex Workers Day.

International Sex Workers Day has recently expanded to include protests against anti-prostitution legislation and sex workers’ working conditions. International Sex Workers Day proponents contend that these regulations criminalize and restrict sex workers by forbidding them from working in specific locations or hours. Additionally, they claim that current rules do not safeguard sex workers from abuse or exploitation.

For those who support human rights and are concerned with the well-being of sex workers worldwide, International Sex Workers Day is a significant day. (Source: News Delhi)

How is International Sex Workers’ Day Celebrated?

You can celebrate International Sex Workers’ Day in a variety of ways. You can support sex workers’ rights by participating in a protest or vigil, donating to a group that works on their behalf, or sending a letter to the editor of your neighborhood daily.

On International Sex Workers Day, you should also take the chance to inform others about sex workers’ work. You can view films on the work that sex workers undertake, read articles about the history of sex work, and discover the various forms of sex work.

Remember to respect sex workers’ right to privacy and never reveal someone’s identity without consent. Supporting sex workers also includes defending their privacy and safety rights.

The importance of celebrating this event can be seen in various ways. First off, sex workers are frequently mistreated and stigmatized. They are commonly subjected to abuse and exploitation by their clients and employers. International Sex Workers Day provides an opportunity to spread awareness of their difficulties and unite to support their rights advocacy. (Source: News Delhi)

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