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Woman Sleeping on Airplane Air Canada

A Woman Woke Up Alone in an Air Canada Plane After Sleeping Through the Landing and Hours After It Had Deplaned. She Had to Use a Flashlight to Signal for Help.

Air Canada is the flag carrier and the largest airline in Canada by passengers catered to and fleet size. The airline’s headquarters is located in Saint-Laurent, Montreal. But did you ever hear about the woman trapped in one of their aircrafts after deplaning?

A woman woke up alone on an Air Canada plane hours after it had deplaned. She slept through the landing. She used a flashlight she discovered in the cockpit to call for assistance.

How Could Someone Be Left On the Plane?

On June 9, 2019, Tiffani Adams claimed to have dozed off during a flight from Quebec to Toronto. When she awoke, the plane had landed, and she was still strapped into her seat and bitterly cold.

Since the incident, she claimed to have had recurrent night terrors. Air Canada has acknowledged the occurrence and is looking into it.

On Facebook, Adams said she woke up about midnight, a few hours after the airplane had arrived, shivering cold and still imprisoned in her seat in utter darkness. She described the event as terrifying. Adams tried to telephone her friend Deanna Dale to let her know where she was before her phone died. The plane had been shut off, so she could not charge her phone.

Dale informed Toronto Pearson Airport of Adams’ location by phone. While on board, Adams discovered a torch in the cockpit and used it to try to draw attention to herself. A person driving a luggage cart, who she claimed was in shock, discovered her.

Adams claimed that Air Canada employees offered her a limousine and a hotel but turned them down because she wanted to get home as soon as possible. She said that Air Canada representatives had apologized to her twice throughout the investigation. Air Canada told several outlets that it corroborated Adams’ claim and looked into the situation. (Source: BBC)  

Should You Doze Off During Take-Off and Landing?

Sleeping during take-off and landing is not good for your health. This could lead to various health problems, including long-term harm to your ears.

This is due to the rapid variations in internal air pressure during takeoff and landing. As British chemist Angela Chalmers told Express, a sudden change in altitude changes the air pressure in the ear. The result is a vacuum in the Eustachian tubes, which causes the ears to sound dull and feel obstructed.

At this point in the trip, focusing on calming down, opening up, and clearing your Eustachian tubes is crucial. You cannot reduce or balance the air pressure in your ears when asleep. If your ears remain plugged, you may have health problems like vertigo, ear infections, eardrum damage, and, worst-case scenario, nosebleeds and hearing loss.

Yawning and frequent swallowing are two methods for preventing or stopping ear popping; drinking water, sucking on hard candy, and chewing gum will help you generate saliva to swallow more quickly. You can also try blowing your nose while squeezing it shut to relieve the pressure buildup. (Source: Travel and Leisure)

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