Japan proposed an amendment to the Treaty of Versailles that outlawed all racial discrimination. Despite receiving a majority vote for it to be added to the treaty Woodrow Wilson personally vetoed the measure and as a comprise let Japan claim a number of islands in the Pacific.

Racial Equality Proposal

The Racial Equality Proposal (Japanese: 人種的差別撤廃提案 Hepburn: Jinshutekisabetsu teppai teian, lit. “Proposal to abolish racial discrimination”) was an amendment to the treaty under consideration at the 1919 Paris Peace Conference offered by Japan. The racial equality proposal was never intended to have any universal implications, although one was attached to it anyway, which drove its contentiousness at the conference. Foreign Minister Uchida stated in June 1919 that the racial equality proposal was not intended to demand universal racial equality of all coloured peoples, but only for members of the League of Nations. Though broadly supported, it did not become part of the Treaty of Versailles, largely because of the opposition of Australia an… Continue Reading

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