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How Did Medical Schools in Japan Get Caught for Manipulating Exam Results?

Japan is one of the best countries in the world. Their university ranks along with the Netherlands’ University of Leiden, Switzerland’s University of Zurich, and Germany’s University of Munich which produces top-quality medical professionals. But in spite of this fact, there was an instance when Japanese Medical Schools got caught falsifying exam results to get their desired output.

There were at least ten medical schools in Japan that manipulated exam results so that fewer females can be part of the program. Officials found the need to do so since most female doctors do not practice the profession after getting married and having children.

What was the Result of the Investigation?

According to the Asahi Shimbun newspaper, ten institutes were recognized as having held inappropriate entrance exams. This indicates students were ministered further based on factors including their age or sex.

It said ten universities, including Tokyo Metropolitan University (TMU), Kitasato University, and Juntendo University, were caught carrying out such practices. The St. Marianna University School of Medicine was also called but has denied any wrongdoing. 

Each university must deal with the matter swiftly and thoroughly.

Mr. Shibayama to the Asahi Shimbun Newspaper

The inquiry found other unacceptable practices, including universities selecting the children of alumni and being prejudiced against those who had already sat through the entrance exam multiple times. 

Back in August the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper quoted an unnamed source saying officials at TMU had adopted a silent agreement to reduce the number of female entrants. Stating that most female doctors end up not pursuing their degree especially after getting married and having kids. (Source: BBC Asia)

Why Did the Universities Alter the Scores of Female Candidates?

Prematurely this week Juntendo University said it set the bar more heightened for ladies because they were more suitable at communication than men and would have an edge in the face-to-face interrogation component.

Many female students who graduate end up leaving the actual medical practice to give birth and raise children.

An anonymous source

Twenty-four women are calling for the TMU to pay them back 100,000 yen which is equivalent to around $800 in recompense. More than 40 applicants from the 2017 and 2018 entry rounds have now been tolerated for entry after the university made contact with 101 candidates. (Source: BBC Asia)

Has Womenomics Worked in Japan?

In 2014, the Japanese nation embraced its womenomics approach which boosts the economic participation of women. 

This dissertation disputes that womenomics will ultimately fail to empower Japanese women because it is a purely financial solution to a cultural, historical, and social concern that is manifesting itself in the global market. (Source: Japan Subculture)

Are Single Women a Burden in Japan?

A Japanese MP has scintillated a backlash after he said unmarried ladies were a burden on the state. Kanji Kato, a member of prime minister Shinzo Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party, said women should have numerous youngsters and that if they do not get married, they would evolve into a hindrance after in life. (Source: Standard)

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