Getting a boner when climbing Everest is common thanks to the change in pressure

Fun Fact: Climbing Mt. Everest Gives People Boners

Climbing the Mt Everest is reserved for the elite, it requires months of preparation and a lot of money, but once you’ve succeeded you would have the satisfaction of being at highest point on Earth… with an extra bonus.

It might sound like a dirty joke, but it is actually a thing. According to Srinath Varma, a passionate 26-year-old climber who spoke to Vice about this phenomenon, the entire blood flow slows down as you get higher on the mountain and the heart beats harder and faster:

The lack of blood flow to your brain, paired with oxygen deficiency really does make your mind go blank. You feel as though you have no retained knowledge and you start to forget how your body works—it’s scary!

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11 thoughts on “Getting a boner when climbing Everest is common thanks to the change in pressure”

  1. muggedbeats

    Me: “I have erectile dysfunction.”

    Doc: “Have you tried climbing Mt. Everest?”

  2. davasaur

    Have you climbed Everest or are you glad to see me?

  3. miasabine

    My partner spent some time in Bolivia and found the frequency of wet dreams increased. He talked to a native friend about it as it was very unpleasant and was told it was quite common due to the altitude and was presented with coca leaf tea to relieve the symptoms.

  4. fattsmelly

    The entire climb, or just the tip?

  5. yakshack

    ELI5 after reading – so it sounds like your entire blood flow slows down but your heart pumps harder and faster so… boner?

    I don’t know, I’m not a bonerologist.

  6. Spdrjay

    Seems like a lot of work.

    Can’t I just use a Viagra or something?

  7. Kneeyul

    I wonder how many men experienced this before the cause was discovered?

  8. rphdaddyb

    Word of advice. Don’t act on it because of frostbite.

  9. ATG915

    Has anyone ever peaked at the peak?

  10. robkitsune

    “Where shall we make camp?”

    “Well I’m pitching my tent right here”

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