The chief baker on the Titanic, Charles Joughin, drank an entire bottle of whiskey as the ship sank and spent 3 hours in the -2°c waters before he was rescued alive

The Badass Story of Charles Joughin, The Chief Baker of the Titanic

And who is Charles Joughin?

Depicted in both A Night to Remember and the 1997 blockbuster Titanic movie, Charles Joughin is shown as the drunk guy hanging onto the side of the rail.

He was also the chief baker of the Titanic, so when the ocean liner started going down, he knew he wasn’t one of the people who would be saved.

During the sinking of the Titanic, Joughin and the other chefs assigned themselves the task of bringing food and supplies to put aboard the lifeboats. Along with stewards and other seamen, Joughin helped women and children onto the lifeboats. When, after a while, the women on deck refused to go to the boat saying they were safer aboard the Titanic, he then went on to forcibly brought them up and threw them in… Continue Reading (4 minute read)

10 thoughts on “The chief baker on the Titanic, Charles Joughin, drank an entire bottle of whiskey as the ship sank and spent 3 hours in the -2°c waters before he was rescued alive”

  1. Gagarin1961

    He’s the guy in the 1997 movie, who rides the ship down on the back of the stern with Jack and Rose. He apparently did that in real life, so he *was* technically one of the last in the water.

    A Night to Remember gives him a fair amount of screen time though! He was always my favorite as a kid.

  2. SpawnicusRex

    Isn’t there an old saying about Lady Luck favoring fools and drunks?

    Sounds legit to me lol

  3. PhatWalda

    There’s an old (possibly tall) tale from my family about my great-great-grandfather, who was a renowned Irish drunk. Word is, in one of his sopping stupors, he fell off the windmill and landed flat on his back. As his children gathered around what they believed was a dead body, he opened one eye and muttered, “Where’s yer mother?” No injuries.

  4. gloebe10

    I heard about this guy on drunk history. I believe when they rescued him, they warmed him up in a giant oven if memory serves correct.

  5. ELDE8

    im so proud of this fellow baker, he just wanted to make sure he didnt die sober, ended. up surviving and making sourdough for the rest if his days, what a champ

  6. WatNuWeerJoh

    Ye Olde Liquid Jacket

  7. ferrumveritatis

    this is why i drink a bottle of whiskey a day, on the slim possibility it may save my life before it kills me. and really…arent we all on one gigantic titanic?

  8. bateneco

    > But Joughin’s body had so much whiskey coursing through it that the alcohol actually fought off the cold and kept him alive.

    That’s not how alcohol works. While the increase in calories from the alcohol might give your body the energy to thermoregulate to a very small degree, alcohol tends to shift blood away from the core and towards the skin. It’s why drunks feel warmer, but it also means that they’re at considerably higher risk of hypothermia. Either this guy got stupid lucky, or this account is not totally factual.

  9. RustyShack3lford

    Alcohol is the reason why drunk drivers often survive. Its because their bodies dont tense up just before impact.

  10. RudegarWithFunnyHat

    classic Charlie

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