When Prohibition was enacted in USA, it took less than an hour for the first documented violation of it to happen

Volstead Act

The production, importation, and distribution of alcoholic beverages — once the province of legitimate business — was taken over by criminal gangs, which fought each other for market control in violent confrontations, including murder. Major gangsters, such as Omaha’s Tom Dennison and Chicago’s Al Capone, became rich and were admired locally and nationally. Enforcement was difficult because the gangs became so rich that they were often able to bribe underpaid and understaffed law-enforcement personnel and to afford expensive lawyers. Many citizens were sympathetic to bootleggers, and respectable citizens were lured by the romance of illegal speakeasies, also called “blind tigers.” The loosening of social morals during the 1920s include… Continue Reading (4 minute read)

13 thoughts on “When Prohibition was enacted in USA, it took less than an hour for the first documented violation of it to happen”

  1. FinnCullen

    And that’s probably because it took an hour to fill out the documents.

  2. HappyMeatbag

    I’ve always been impressed that prohibition gained enough support to become not just law, but a full fledged *Constitutional amendment.* That’s really, really hard.

  3. gbimmer

    I also love the famous pictures of the day prohibition ended showing all these people at bars drinking beer and hard liquor.

    I brew beer. It takes a month to go from raw ingredients to ready to drink. Hard liquor takes a lot longer than that!

    So someone had to be making this stuff all along…. And for the quantities there had to be a demand for it…

  4. Visassess

    “We passed a new law, let’s celebrate!” *pops open champagne*

  5. turroflux

    I imagine that someone was in the middle of taking a swig the second it became illegal, so it probably actually took zero seconds.

  6. IamDonaldJTrumpAMA

    When they legalized cannabis here in Canada a few years ago I remember reading that someone here in Halifax got caught driving with cannabis within reach of the driver within 30 mins of cannabis being legalized.

    It’s funny because 30 mins earlier of he had been caught they may have just let him leave anyway lolol

  7. EngelskSauce

    I learnt today that John F Kennedy’s dad made all his money smuggling booze during the prohibition.

  8. sean488

    That’s like saying the first federal cop car to park in a federal speed trap caught the first speeder in less than an hour.

    Well, yeah. That was the entire point. They were already enforcing these laws at state and local levels. The Fed simply couldn’t do it. They passed the ammendment so they could.

    BTW, alcohol is still illegal in several places across the country.

  9. wimpykidfan37

    That probably wasn’t a very happy birthday for Rex Banner.

  10. versace_tombstone

    The prohibition has never stopped being violated, especially while it actually existed.

  11. LincolnCoHo

    It was violated the entire time.

  12. Choppergold

    It was probably in DC – “let’s go drink and celebrate the passing of Prohibition!” “Um Senator”

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