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How Much Do Pat Sajak and Vanna White Make on The Wheel of Fortune?

If you had been a fan of the popular game show – Wheel of Fortune you’d probably who we’re talking about. The show is one of the longest running game shows in the United States.

Here’s what you need to know, Pat Sajak and Vanna White only work a total a total of 48 days in a year. That’s 4 days a month for 12 months. For a total of 6 hours each day, Sajak earns about $52,000 per episode, while White earns around $35,000.

The Wheel of Fortune started in January 6, 1975 and was then hosted by Chuck Woolery until 1981. But due to indifferences on the contract renewal between him and the show’s producer – Merv Griffin, he was replaced by Pat Sajak. (Source: Hollywood Reporter)

Before the Wheel of Fortune, Pat Sajak worked as a weatherman in Nashville. He was initially paid $65,000 a year but as soon as the ratings picked up, and the game show hit number one he got a multi-million dollar pay raise as well. (Source: Hollywood Reporter)

Vanna White on the other hand, was one of the three substitute hostesses of the game show when it started. Susan Stafford – the original hostess, left in 1982 and White took over. (Source: Chicago Tribune)

Ever since then Pat Sajak and Vanna White have be co-hosting the Wheel of Fortune and managed to keep it quite relevant until today. This makes them the longest running game show hosts. (Source: Guinness Book of World Record 2019)

Now, let’s take a look at the details of their salaries. Pat Sajak earns $15 million, for approximately earning $312,500 per day. While White takes home $208,333 a day bringing her yearly pay check to $10 million. For less than a 40-hour work week, that is just amazing. (Source: The Outsider)

Wheel of Fortune Facts

There is only one wheel.

Yes, you read that right – there is only one of the famous wheel. It literally has to be broken down into smaller parts and re-assembled whenever the producers take the show on the road. The production carries over a million pound of equipment just to film in a different location. (Source: The Good Housekeeping)

Vanna White has never worn the same dress twice.

In the whole three decades the show has been running, Vanna White has never repeated an outfit. In April 2014, they reached their 6,000th episode – meaning she has worn that many dresses and more. Unfortunately, she doesn’t get to keep the fancy formal wear. (Source: The Good Housekeeping)

The co-hosts make it a point to coordinate their outfits

If you have a keen eye, you’d notice how Pat Sajak’s tie would always match Vanna White’s dress. Having hosted the show together for years on end, this little coordination is probably one of the sweetest things we’ve seen. (Source: The Good Housekeeping)

Pat Sajak left the show briefly.

After 8 years running, Sajak decided to try his luck hosting his own TV show in 1989 to 1990. During this time Bob Goen took over. He came back in 1990 and has never left ever since. Source: The Good Housekeeping)

Inflation has not affected the price of the vowel.

We know how the value of the dollar has decreased over the past few years, but the $250 price of the vowel has never change in spite of that. (Source: The Good Housekeeping)

The next time you are sitting with your family, trying to guess out the words on the letter board, think about how these two amazing hosts have truly revolutionized the game show industry.