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How Many People Live in Providence?

The Providence metropolitan area ranges to 6 counties: 5 in Rhode Islands and 1 in Southern Massachusetts. With its total area of more than 1,600 square miles, its size justifies its label as the 38th largest metropolitan area in the United States of America. 

Providence has an average population density of 2,300 per square mile; its total population is 60% higher than Rhode Island’s, equivalent to 1,622,520. 

The Vastness of Providence

Providence, Rhode Island, has a population exceeding 1,600,000, 60% higher than Rhode Island’s whole population. Lusophone communities are prevalent in the area, especially from East Providence to New Bedford, given that Rhode Island and Massachusetts have Portuguese-Americans as its largest ancestry group. 

Its boundaries spread to all five counties within Rhode Island, including one county in Massachusetts: Bristol, Kent, New Port, Providence, and Washington County in Rhode Island, and Bristol County in Massachusetts. 

The Providence Metropolitan Area is the 38th largest metropolitan area in the United States. The United States Office of Management and Budget labels Providence to have the 6th largest combined statistical area (CSA), including the Greater Boston region. It has a total area of 1,635 square miles, with its core cities being Providence, Pawtucket, Fall River, New Bedford, War Wick, Cranston, and Attleboro. (Source: History

The Origin of Providence

Preacher Roger Williams founded Providence in 1636. He escaped Massachusetts to flee religious persecution. The Narragansett Indians sold him a piece of land, permitting him to live there. This land is now known as Providence which references his gratefulness towards God for protecting him from his tribulations. (Source: History

Providence has developed and flourished into a great community that gives worthy importance to history, culture, arts, and education. 

Within The Boundaries

Providence, Rhode Island, has been awarded multiple times because of the shared experience of pleasure people have found within its boundaries. “Best City for Foodies” “No. 3 Favorite City in the United States” “No. 4 Quirkiest City in America”, there is no doubt that this capital city has put in a large amount of effort to cater to the needs of its people. (Source: Providence

In the travel guide website of Rhode Island, it is evident that there are many exciting events that Providence has to offer. The Experience, Rhode Island Tours, provides a Discover Providence Tour that introduces the loveliest areas of Providence, for instance, the Brown University, Federal Hill, the State House, and much of the like. (Source: Tour

Providence is also widely known for its arts and culture. The Rhode Island School of Design is one of the most reputable arts and design schools worldwide. Numerous art festivals take place in Providence, and many pieces of art complement its scenery. Museums, cultural centers, and art galleries are abundant in Providence; one can even find a great collection of fresco paintings in St. Ann Arts and Cultural Center.

Providence also takes great pride in its preservation of history through the many historic homes or sites they’ve opened to the public. The Old Slater Mill National Historic Landmark and the renowned Newport Mansions are something one wouldn’t want to miss! (Source: Art)

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